Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Open

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I thought me and other players were having a bug where our chat box (an output control) would randomly stop scrolling down enough to meet incoming text sent to it, and then start "scrolling up" slowly with every new piece of text sent to it after that until the player manually drags it back down.

But now I'm told by a few people that this is not a bug but a new thing BYOND added, where if you click or select a certain piece of text in the output then you are putting focus on it and the scroll position will stay to show that selected text. It may sound dumb but me and many of my players had no idea why this was happening and where annoyed having to manually scroll our chat box down every 20 seconds.

But now that I know why it happens could you please add some sort of checkbox for this behavior in DreamMaker's interface editor for the output control? This behavior isn't good for my particular game because when a player is typing in the input control but then decides they need to change focus off the input control they click the output box because that is right beside the input. This inadvertently causes it to begin slowly scrolling up and by the time the player notices they have no idea what caused it.
If you have text selected, or you have scrolled up from the bottom, it should prevent scrolling. Otherwise, it should scroll normally. If this is not happening then it's a bug. However I'm pretty sure this was dealt with definitively in 507.1284.