Linux Format - May 2015 - page 147 - Article on Steam OS and the games available. Look at the 'Five best open source games'. I'm impressed SS13 made it into Steam, and is playable on Linux.

As you can notice, it's a remake of SS13.
Of course, but it's the fact that it's a BYOND reference is the point. Neat to see BYOND mentioned in world-wide publications such as this.
That is pretty cool, congrats to the game's developers.

SS13 was mentioned in PC Gamer a while back, too:
I also found this very interesting, while reading up on DayZ: interview-dean-hall-dayz-standalone-mountaineering-everest-g ame/ Not sure how genuine the article is but aparently DayZ owner stay rippin SS13 no shame.
SS13 remakes are just different distributions of SS13. The standalone SS13 that went open-source (non-BYOND) is a remake.