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I know this is probably a long shot but I need this or info on this

Is it possible to get some sort of gliding to interpolate between steps when the step_size is a large value, say, 16+?

Because in my game I want to have pixel movement, but world.fps is 13 because any higher strains the game. Because fps is so low we are using step sizes between 16 and 32. The players with the lowest speed stat are at 16, players with the highest speed stat are at 32. But the movement looks extremely choppy because step size is high.

So if gliding can work at 32 couldn't it be made to work at other values as well? Or is it possible for me to make my own system to cover up these jumps? I imagine if it is possible it would be some combination of pixel_x/y or step_x/y

step sizes below a certain amount don't need interpolation, but when step size is high enough to notice the sudden jump, it seems to need it. I'm going to try coding my own system to do this but I'm not sure if it is doable, anyone got info? Thanks
You could use animate() to smoothly glide your icons, but there's currently no way to animate() the camera (i.e. client.pixel_x/y), so there would be a disconnection during the glide.
I'm learning to use animate()/transform/matrix now, maybe something can be worked up. I probably won't figure it out tonight though. Thanks

Still would be nice to have gliding work for pixel movement when step size would otherwise create sudden leaps
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I agree. Anything to hide choppiness from network lag would be great. I've already tried using animate() to simulate gliding, which is why I know that the camera can't be interpolated the same way. However, it comes with the added bonus of having non-integer glide sizes, so you can glide any number of pixels in any number of frames.
I've got a rudimentary system working for what you suggested, still no solution on the camera gliding, and I don't even know how viable the full system will be since I only have basic principles working so far.
Are step_x and step_y supposed to be able to go to -1? I think this might be a bug.


If you use that and walk back and forth on the x axis you can see -1s pop up but only while walking left.

If you walk right you get the expected 1 to 32 range, but left it is -1 to 30