Descriptive Problem Summary: I cant connect to Dragon Universe/Z Universe, everytime I attempt to play it says Connecting... then it will go dark at the bottom, then a few seconds later Connection Failed.

Numbered Steps to Reproduce Problem:
1.) Try to Connect to a Dragon Universe/Z Universe Server,
2.) receive a connection failed.
Code Snippet (if applicable) to Reproduce Problem:

Expected Results:To connect to the Opened Server

Actual Results: Dont connect to selected server

Does the problem occur:
Every time? Or how often?All The time
In other games?Nope
In other user accounts?Yes
On other computers?No

When does the problem NOT occur?When Connecting to a old DU Server

Did the problem NOT occur in any earlier versions? If so, what was the last version that worked? (Visit to download old versions for testing.)

Workarounds: Use a older DU Private Server

There will be more info needed for this like the server you tried, if other players were connected to the world or not and if any previous BYOND version worked when connecting to these worlds.

It also could be that your simply banned from the server, etc, although I think you'd be getting "Access Denied" or another similar error in this case that shows that your banned rather than just can't connect.
If it's just that specific server (or several of them) but no others, then it's an issue with that world and not a bug.
It's not Access Denied, it says Connection Failed. and It happens only on the Z Universe servers appearing on the HuB
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I understand but I can connect to them fine, the ones hosted right now, there could however I guess be a firewall issue or other problem with connecting to the servers but there's no BYOND bug here. You also didn't provide any more info such as if others were connected to the server or not when you tried, etc.
It's still very unlikely to be a bug. I think there's just an issue with those servers. Connection failed means your machine literally could not connect to them.

Heh, what timing. Well, if Superbike can connect then I'm confident there is no bug here.
Lummox JR resolved issue (Not a bug)
Im having a similar issue with a different game.
You mention "issue with those servers"

What issue would it be for a game to suddenly have an 'unavailable' hub, you can't connect to the game.
But if you were in the game at the start of the issue, you can stay in and everything is just fine.
If it's a one-off or intermittent connection failure, it could be anything. Sometimes a machine is simply busy and won't accept connections.

It could also be an issue with a firewall, their ISP, or the path between you and them--in decreasing order of likelihood.
How can I fix the Firewalls?
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If the remote host has a firewall issue, you can't fix it; it's up to them. You should try to contact the host(s) to see if there's any reason you both can discover that you can't connect. I would also try, if they can give you the IP address, pinging it or running tracert to see what happens.

Since this really doesn't belong in Bug Reports, I'm gonna scoot this over to BYOND Help so the discussion can continue.
Better question would be, on a hosts viewpoint - after the downtime, would have automatically changed to cause this type of issue.

Yes, it seems like it could be a firewall issue on the host side right? especially if the downtime was moving servers right? So if there was some discrepancy between this new byond server and the games settings /firewall settings. What would they be?

Basically - What should be checked/changed on the hosts side?
In response to The Rock Lee
If other people can join it's unlikely to be a firewall issue.

Also the downtime on BYOND's side has nothing to do with your ability to connect to the game.

Communication from your PC to the game server happens directly, it doesn't route through BYOND's server, the only thing that happens on BYOND's end is key authentication.

If there was an authentication error on the servers end they would see that in dreamdaemon though, and it may also popup as connection failed on your side.

***There are just so many things this could be when it applies only to one game/one server that there's not too much we can do to help you.

You should be speaking to the host of the game or the owner of the game/hub and not really us, since it seems you can join other games fine, just not the one you want.
@Lummox - I ran tracert on it....
It hit my router, then 4 timeouts, hit a address, then another timeout, 6 more addresses, another timeout, then reached the target IP.

Turns out the reason they could still join the game was because their dreamseeker was still open from their previous connection.

When they closed dreamseeker and tried to connect to the game, they had the same issue. "CONNECTING"

I was talking to the host/owner of the game, but it didn't really seem like he was 100% clear on what was going on either, but I was assuming that he was checking everything that needed to be checked in daemon, maybe I was incorrect. I will catch him next time he is online as well.

The reason I was asking here, was because everything was fine until exactly when the downtime started.
You know, if his game was up before the change then maybe it's still trying to talk to the old hub. I would strongly suggest that anyone hosting before the server change restart their worlds.