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I'm still pretty much facing issues whether its the byond pager or the site itself. When I'm on the pager to go play games it'll stay on "Loading game information" for nearly 5 minutes, and most of the times after it finally works and I login it'll say the hub is unreachable and some functions isn't accessible. I know it isn't firewall blocking due to testing it with it off for the same results, and it's byond is allowed when on.

When it comes to the website SOMETIMES it connects. When I try the regular link, this is my results when it isn't working.

I already did the host file thing as well and BYOND isn't being blocked.

When I try it works sometimes, like now which is how I'm posting this, but there's other times it doesn't work and my browser says it's unavailable.

I've even tried uninstalling BYOND and downloading it again to no result.

Any help?
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Uninstalling BYOND wouldn't make a difference because this is a network issue.

If you open up a command prompt (Start | Run, type "cmd") and type "ping" or "ping", they should show you IP addresses starting in 199. If you see an IP address starting with 50, it's the old server.

Sounds like your DNS info is conflicted. I would type "ipconfig /flushdns" at the prompt and try again--also make sure your browser is closed first, as browsers like to cache DNS info.