How many bytes make 1 MB? How many make 75? Knowing how many make 1 would be fine I can multiply it, but just would like to know so I can set file limits in my new P2P game, BYONDaza.
8 bits in a byte
1024 bytes in a kilobyte
1024 kilobytes in a megabyte
1024 megabytes in a gigabyte

So that should be 1024*1024*1024 & 7(1024*1024*1024)
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My phone is my calculator and it shows 1.0737418e+09 it works on the DM so im hoping that one works, just wondering what 1.0737418e+09 acually is lol thanks.
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Ok Thanks.

You've asked AZA if you can use his name, right? <_<
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Mecha Destroyer JD wrote:
1024 bits in a byte

No there aren't. There are 8 bits in a byte.
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That's called scientific notation. To convert it back to our usual system, take the number to the left of the "e", and move the decimal point the number of spaces given to the right of the "e".

So with 1.0737418e+09, move the decimal point nine times to the right, giving: 1,073,741,800

That's wrong anyway, though, because that's the number of bytes in a gigabyte, not a megabyte. The answer you are looking for is 1024*1024, or 1048576.
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