I haven't been on the forums in a long time. I just wanted to say thank you very much, creators of byond and to the maintenance crew. I've just realized that I've spent a very large portion of my time over the last few years making byond games. It didn't stop with FF-THG. I thought it would, but the more games I see pop up and the more versatility these games encompass, the more it grabs me to pursue a new game of my own.

Byond is by far the best 2-d game-making engine on the net. I've worked with a fair few and this one has held my attention. It has to do with the games being online and pulling people together as well, that's a huge factor. RPGmaker95,98,2000 and any of those sorts are solo only, which is not nearly as fun.

So yes, Byond, thank you, keep it up, and we'll keep the games coming, because I've realized it's as fun to make them as it is to play them. Thank you. Merry Christmas.


p.s.- Nothing quite like saying thanks as getting a byond membership. I just got it. Keep it running, folks.
Your welcome! (>_>) Make more games :) It's fun, yes it is.
Dagolar, hey! Merry Christmas to you. I haven't talked to you since the early days of FF-THG. BYOND does tend to steal your life. Hope you have fun with your continued game creation.