I've been away for a few weeks dealing with life and work and come back to find some pretty amazing updates. From exception handling to 'BYOND Software'. It's all very fantastic and exciting.

Tom, you've been great. The patience and maturity you've shown within the forums and community has always impressed me. Sticking with anything for so many years and impacting so many lives is a real accomplishment in the grand scheme of things. I'm certain you'll do even more great things and make no mistake, BYOND is a truly wonderful and great thing. Thank you for sticking with it and thank you for being so open with us over the years. BYOND has been a very big part of my life and even though I can't seem to ever finish anything (worth finishing), it's been a very positive and joyful experience for me.

Lummox, you've been doing great things for a while now and that's all you really need to keep doing. One foot in front of the other and don't lock yourself into any one vision. Just let things flow and occasional steer yourself (and us) towards whatever direction seems most exciting. Unsolicited advice aside, I look forward to witnessing and supporting your successes in the foreseeable future.

May the community and ever changing tides of technology be in your favor.
vacationing in portland oregon. forgive my absence...
GreatPirateEra wrote:
AWOL is not taken lightly, Ss4gogeta0.

you lost me
GreatPirateEra wrote:
"AWOL is an acronym for 'absent without leave' or 'absent without official leave'."

sorry, I abandoned the military on the day I was supposed to be sworn in at MEPS after doing all the tests... I dont pay attention to acronyms
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Lummox JR wrote:
Squizzle wrote:
Lummox JR, any plans to create a plugin system and API for the IDE? A plugin system would put customizations and extensions into the hands of the community which would allow them to add additional features to the IDE, like intellisense.

Plugins no, API yes. I really want to make map editing easier to work with via outside tools, or even make it feasible to do map editing in something like a .dmb file. That's a future goal, anyway.

Since byond is in C++, you could try using boost or swig. They're C++ libraries to extend and glue interfaces to high level languages. An example of a game that uses boost.python libraries is Civilization IV, which allows for extensible modding through python and XML.

You could work swig or boost.python into the dream daemon binary and have it as an optional API. Developers could take advantage of a separate runtime environment and extend what they can do for the more complex dreams, without needing the source.
Boost is insanely huge.
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Ter13 wrote:
Boost is insanely huge.

Yeah that's why I mentioned Swig as well. Swig is ~ 6 mb

Edit: boost is an all in one portfolio of different C++ libraries, and happens to have the boost.python library.

Swig is just a library.

That's why the size difference.

Edit 2: on the clientside, Lummox could look into awesomium. Instead of relying on explorer and maintaining levels of compatibility that even Microsoft has ditched, byond could have its own integrated browser.

You could guarantee that ads were played and viewed, and since you'd have a reliable internalized browser that supports things like flash and html5, you could extend them to dream maker code functionality.

An example of what you could do with that is vastly improve interfaces and interactivity.

As a bonus, since your html5 client for byond requires you to run it in an html5 compatible browser, you've by definition guaranteed compatibility to anything you change for the desktop client on the html5 side.
Wow, just got internet set up at my new house and this is the first thing I see when I come back! Sheesh... I'm gonna miss you Tom. I've been here since I was 16; now I'm 24, married, living in my own house and raising my son. It makes me a little sad to know that you're moving on, but I'm happy for you. Good luck in whatever you pursue next.

That said, good luck Lummox! If anybody can make BYOND even better it's you. You're an awesome dev and I have 150% faith in you.

(PS. I like how this thread turned into "I am Lummox JR, AMA.")
Been here since I was 12 (many, many alts) and have been around for nearly every major event that occurred in BYOND post the initial couple years. I remember spending every night logging in to play Mystic Journey, chat on wiz_chat, play Maeva, etc.

You gave me a gift in the fact that it was because I loved these games that I wanted to make them. I got to begin learning how to code at a young age, and it's only gotten better since. I got to work on Casual Quest with Iain and continue learning as I entered university, and now, 11 years later, here I am working for a major tech company in Palo Alto. I fell in love with compilers because of BYOND, and am actively working in language development because I thought BYOND brought something to me that I'd like to help continue establishing and progressing.

Honestly, I've attributed almost all of this to my humble beginnings here at BYOND, and it's for these reasons that though I'm not a regular user here, I make sure to pop in from time to time just to see what's new.

You might see yourself as not a financial success, Tom, but you have given myself and many, many others opportunities that might not have been possible had you not followed your dream. In that light, I'd like to pay it forward and continue to advance this field in a way that can give awareness to others the same way you did. So you aren't a failure, you are a huge success in the eyes of many of us, and I am incredibly grateful.

I hope this is not a true goodbye - it actually slightly makes me want to cry. Best of luck, Tom.

@ Lummox: You've been an amazing member of the community. Though I don't think we've ever chatted personally (sounds difficult to do that in over 11 years of being in the same community), but you've made solid improvements and you are the natural fit to take over. We know you'll do well.
Good luck Lummox and Tom; I know things will work out well for you both.
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Well if it isn't the dead rising!
In response to Kumorii
Yeah! Look at that. I thought she got lost in fire. Hopefully this is a sign of great things in 2016.
My respects to you Tom!

I remember you sent me a book , the DM book and even signed it. It was cool. Haha!
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Sariat wrote:
My respects to you Tom!

I remember you sent me a book , the DM book and even signed it. It was cool. Haha!

I check on BYOND every few years. It saddens to me to see the community still so small with the internet so big , yet inspires me to see it still going strong.
We need some of the ol' 2001/2002 energy back. You should consider diving in again.
Thank you both for your years of dedication, and good luck in your future endeavors. A little late, but still a bit early for Lee's millions. =)
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