Not really sure why I'm posting this, just wanted to get peoples thoughts on the idea I suppose before I started developing the game.

Brief Overview
My idea was basically to make a 2D superhero game, drawing from the nostalgic experiences of City of Heroes. Starting off with something small, a couple of classes which follow the typical RPG format and one or two cities with a level cap of say 20. Then expanding it to include more classes, more power sets, more content.

The Game
New Characters
The character creation would be one of the key points, you'd settle on a starting costume for your hero/villain career. Then you'd be taken through the tutorial which would present options that lead to being either a hero or villain.

Players would progress through missions that would follow the story of your heroism, the first 1-10 levels being your origin which would define your allies, enemies and the general direction of your career. There would be more difficult missions, near impossible to solo which would require players to form teams with others. These would be optional to the story, but give more experience and better loot.

Loot wouldn't be traditional equipment, more enhancements for your powers. Each ability within a power set would start with one enhancement slot, which players can increase as they level up. Selecting which powers to increase the slot numbers of, so any powers you don't use within that set don't waste your potential. Enhancements would be set based on class and ability type, so a ranged damaging ability would have different enhancements available compared to a tanking shield.

Player vs Players
PvP for Heroes and Villains would be set to specific maps/zones. Players on the same side, would be able to visit an arena to test their abilities against others via challenges or direct combat. Allowing you to compete with yours friends and challenge your rivals.

The general story for both factions is still to be decided and may influence what the prestige classes would be(unlocked by achieving the maximum level), I was thinking something along the lines of a super powered team that has existed for some years before the players started playing timeline wise. They're professionals in the business, saved the world more times than they can count. However with the new super villain teams emerging from an influx of super powered beings - they're unable to keep up and need assistance.

While this is only an idea at the minute, I wanted to present the idea to the BYOND forum - I know most BYOND players don't really pay attention to it, those who do actually use the forum are usually more critical than they are encouraging. But this is aimed at those who actually play games on BYOND, to gather more ideas while I work on adding the basic framework.
Here's some early concept designs for the initial stages of character creation, something from a demo that I helped design last year:
Class Selection:

Character Creation:
This is a really great idea that I'd love to see put into practice. I'd try and do it myself if I had the time!
This sounds like a great idea and I do believe you should go forth and try to create this endeavor the best you can. Get the basics done, get the beginning storyline, then on to PvP events etc. when working on the PvP aspect, I suggest getting the opinions of people that throughly enjoy PvP and what they think would make it a better experience for them. RPers can generally think of a better story to go by so Id ask them about that. I hope all goes well for you.
The plan was to make it a long term project, get the basics say level 1-10 content done. Then I can release updates when I can to fix any bugs/glitches and add additional content.

The plan would be to get a starting framework in play, give people a taste of what they could experience. Then build on that, focus on things that are enjoyable and that they'd desire. But also keeping my own vision in sight.

I wasn't really catering towards roleplayers any more than adding an emote verb and social hubs for the first few updates.
Oh, I didn't mean make it rp lol. I am a fan of PvP than rp I just find RPers better at thinking up story lines.
Think I've seen those pics somewhere else probably not. I'd love to see a Super hero game on byond to, I think Falacy made one awhile back but it didnt get to many updates so it died, but it had good concept like the customization was Key feature for it.
You may have done, it was originally for a game on a similar concept I was making with a friend who has since up and vanished as BYOND folk seemingly do...

Super Hero Bash used to be quite popular way back when 5-10 people on a game was something to brag about too.
A couple Superhero/Villian games have been done before. They didn't get a lot of long-time attention, obviously, but they did do fairly well for the few months it was up and running.

Two I can think of off the top of my head were:
Not sure why people go back to these two when they think of Superhero games, Albert's was just a rehash of Star Wars Yogurt or whatever it was called.

And SHB didn't have much going for it in the way of progression. I daren't say there's more to do in the mess that is Universe of Comics than there was in either of these games.
I really think this is a good idea. There aren't any real super hero mmo's. The only ones were city of heroes, DC universe online and champions online. And since city of heroes is now gone, there are already some fans trying to make a version of it. I believe them to be called Valiance Online and City of Titans but i'm getting off track. The point is, there isn't enough super hero games and this could be the step to someone's inspiration. Just say'n
Yea sounds like a great idea, Id recccemend for gameplay do something like dcuo does with movment modes. you can choose one in the beggining, speester, flying, acrobatics and any more you can think of. i think your movement is a good part of being a superhero
I think if he just adds a small area to use 3-4 powers and update from there would be cool. Not like he should just get it to a point after working so hard then have people NOT like it.
As long as there's super speed I'm fine. And if you can get secondary that be pretty nice to.
Thought I'd finally share some progress, I've completely rehashed everything that was shown in the original post. Everything has been rewritten from scratch, For those interested here's the WIP for the character/costume creator which has been the focus of my attention lately:

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sexy. will people just choose their power at creation as well?
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Yep! When creating your character you'll choose whether you want to be a Hero or a Villain and then you'll have a choice of 5 archetypes centered around common Superhero/Supervillains.

Each archetype has a different role: e.g. Ranged Damage, Tanking, Support, Crowd Control. Depending on your archetype will then depend on the powers available, you'll be able to pick a primary and secondary power.

So for example the Hero Tanking Archetype is called the Guardian, their primary power is a defensive power and their secondary power is a melee damage power. Primary and Secondary powers consist of 8 abilities each.