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This is an unfortunate way to look at things. People have different skill sets, and not everyone can be (or wants to be) a programmer. Having a vision for a project and then assembling/managing a team to make it happen is no small task.

@Nix, I like you, but your views on this matter are disturbingly narrow and closed-minded. Silk is on point. Some of the best game developers in the indie scene are nothing more than guys who are really good at synthesizing ideas into mechanics and managing workloads. An "Idea man" is only as good as his organization.

Considering the last attempt to kickstart something on BYOND ended with $16 donated, and the one before that ended with $48 donated by OP's friends, and the one before that barely got to $1,000 before it died... I think it's inarguable that people are excited to see this game and that it does at least talk the talk. You are right, it hasn't walked the walk yet, but WANO and Doohl have put quite a lot of time and love into the game so far.

You are being toxic to the one group of people that are actually doing what you've ranted and raved about for years. Why?
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but the game-play of eternia speaks for itself- most of the people around here, and anyone with a respectable opinion about game design think it's pretty bad.

Well as a guy who has been playing eternia for a little over a year... its a pretty damn good RP game. Only thing that irks me about it is how some areas have obvious bits and pieces which the mapper forgot to add. Like corners...

Been watching some of the bits and pieces you've been showing for a little while. Looking forward to seeing the full game.

(PS: I might be crazy, but I'm seeing a familiar sight with that giant slime shooting out little slimes.)
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Mikeche wrote:
and publish something so great

i didn't know people were playing the game already. what's it like?

the only thing that irks me is when people talk about projects like this being good even before anybody plays them. the marketting plan for this game is fine and dandy, and the kickstarter results are nothing but predictable- people will buy into art. that's how a lot of pixel games make their money, because it's a strong niche appeal. secrets of grindea is doing alright because people see its fantastic animations and get interested. but it also has great gameplay.

a distinction has to be made between what a good game is vs what a successful game is. look at eternia: around 3-4 months after its release, it made around $3-4000(source: chance). but the game-play of eternia speaks for itself- most of the people around here, and anyone with a respectable opinion about game design think it's pretty bad.

successful =/= good game
successful = good marketting (art, networking, press, etc)
Most people may not recognize what it is you are saying, But I understand completely where you're coming from. What I should have done was reword the meaning behind what I said. I felt that people were simply jealous of the execution of the game. Regardless of gameplay, content or what goes in the game. So I guess saying they created something that is successful was incorrect grading because I haven't played the game yet. What I actually felt was that people were jealous because of the strategy used, the independent website, social media, kick starter, etc. Means of gathering revenue was quite intelligent and something I had been thinking of myself, which is why I was able to relate to Pixel Realms and defend them so easily. I couldn't possibly grade it "great" based on gameplay, but what I meant was, the success behind generating the revenue and the appealing artwork. With the funding of this game, as long as management is consistent, though I am ignorant of the gameplay, if they use the funds correctly and invest some of it back into hours of production, content, features etc, it could continue to be successful after its launch. As a generator of good ratings and revenue.

What, you mean using resources that don't spring from Lummox/Tom's pockets? It's such a paradigm shift. Nobody's done it before, and who could have possibly thought about advertising videogames before? Chance should patent his advertising idea and sell it to EA. I'm sure that EA will be interested in this newfangled "marketing" concept.
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Oh gawd the troll, lol.

What I meant, was in relevance to BYOND published games. You don't see that many games with good strategy in execution. The way they went about it really appealed to me and I found admiration in it. Because up until recently, I really thought there wasn't much potential BYOND and I veered off to Unreal Engine and Blender. BYOND was my original engine and to see someone put good use to and set a bar so high really deserves the praise and defense. My anticipation for this game is so high. Actually here is a question, Why do people choose to hate/dislike it?
Why not give it support and instead of saying I give it 6months, Why not say I can't wait to see it come out. Why put down how anyone else feels about it all because it doesn't match up with your own opinion? Not directed towards you Ter13, just an overall question to the community.
Was laying on the sarcasm pretty thick. I think it's got a chance to be a solid commercial product. There haven't been any projects like this on BYOND that have made release for a lot of reasons, but a lot of it stems from the fact that most of our developers have no concept of honest introspection. It also seems like most BYOND devs have never played a game that wasn't on BYOND.

Chance knows what he's doing. He's hitting the right buttons, design-wise.
random gif coming through

(programmer art don't judge)
That's sweet, Doohl. I'm really impressed by what you've been doing with this.
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random gif coming through

(programmer art don't judge)

Ok I was on your side until this gif. Dat terrible. Am dun. Gimme money back. Every dollars.
It'll look a lot nicer once there's some charging glitz, but that's the basic attack for magic. You can also fire the projectile in a straight line with the E key. You'll be able to upgrade things like charging speed, default range, etc via passives.

Anyway... This kickstarter isn't going to hit the goal, sadly, unless we suddenly get a lot of exposure out of nowhere - not that I'm pulling the plug just yet. The campaign is getting a surprisingly tiny amount of exposure within Kickstarter itself (considering how well our first week went) and we're moving at 1% a day now that external funding has slowed, with about 90% of it coming from Eternia and BYOND's community (thanks guys!). A handful of sites (indiegames, indiegamemag, crowdfunded gaming) provided coverage but didn't make more than a small difference in pledges. Unless it's one of the bigger sites like RPS or Kotaku, that's expected - and those websites are very unlikely to post about an MMORPG with a small goal that lacks a playable demo, as I was told by a helpful writer for Kotaku in an e-mail.

Either way, I'm mostly taking this as a positive and plan to put all of the good feedback I've received to use. We'll keep working on the game and get a nice, polished beta out there with a handful of towns, fun PvP/PvE, and a bunch of dungeons/bosses. Once we have a game that we feel is good enough to show off in a demo, we'll take a second stab with an improved video trailer and gameplay videos.

Also, check it out:

Pretty impressive for just a week of being in the rankings!
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No offense, but that's not much money. I guess it's good as it's a BYOND Game, but with that money you can't even recover what you spent on the art, so imagine the programmers...

Well, I'm not sure where those numbers are coming from. In the three years or so Eternia has been around, it's made a lot more money than $3k. It's rare to see less than 75% of our online players as non-subscribers ( ), so we must be doing something right when the majority of our community are happily subscribed. Eternia's success was one of the reasons I wanted to take a crack at a 'proper MMORPG'.

@Nix/YutPut: I'd also argue that the gameplay of Eternia (while it definitely could be a whole lot better) is fun for what it is. The best way to describe it is a graphical tabletop, almost like a WoW server that's built from the ground up with roleplaying in mind... what with moderated perma-death and various tools for DMing. If you've never roleplayed on a MUD or a forum, you're not going to care for it - but if you have, the concept is an appealing one. And IMO, it doesn't matter whether or not someone has released thirty games or three. The number isn't important. It's about the time you actually invest into game design, which I've essentially been doing daily since Eternia went up. It's rough around the edges, certainly, and I'd like to remake it eventually if the future allows.

I can also understand why Severed World looks poor to you as it is - because heck, there's only a small handful of spells - and it looks poor to me too, as expected. We weren't working with much in terms of gameplay, and I think we were in a rush to show off what we had so far way too early. The AI is one of the few final products shown in the trailer (and it kicks a lot of ass IMO). Maybe you'll like it once it's out there, maybe you won't - I can't say I care much unless you're going to provide valid criticism that we can work with in the future. Something I've seen very little of from you.
Congratulations on being Greenlit! Assuming that you can pay for development out of pocket until the game is ready to launch on Steam, any long-term funding concerns should now be solved. NEStalgia made triple what your Kickstarter page is asking for in just the first couple days on Steam.
Woah, that's impressive. I'm hoping we can make as big of a bang then!
Awesome, congratulations on the green light!
Sorry to hear that the first Kickstarter doesn't look like it's going to get funded, but it seems like you have a good idea on what to do differently next time to draw in more outside interest. Although, getting Greenlit on its own is a great accomplishment, so in that way the campaign was fairly successful!

Sent my pledge to your paypal as a donation, good luck with your game! (and if the Kickstarter miraculously turns around and gets funded, I'll happily pay twice!)
That's awesome of you, DC, thank you!
I need to support this! I'll donate as soon as possible!
FYI, the game still does have a "chance" with it's goal. Most smaller kickstarter projects tend to get funded right at then end, so don't give up campaigning until it's finished.
Just wanted to say that I'm really impressed with the artwork and content you guys have for your Severed World Kickstarter. Congrats on being Greenlit. Look forward to seeing you on Steam.

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