Before you rage I want you to do 2 things for me.

Go to this link

Then go to this link after watching the video. Don't go to it, unless you watch the Video first.

99.3% games on BYOND are boring. You were .2 percentages off. Getcho fax strait, sun.
Well make a Byond game that isn't boring than.
This guy is funny. And No I'm gonna sit in my own game cuz its more comfy:), Maybe I will check your Naruto Rip Game later.
This is it..........this is you "advertising video" you insult games that are 10x more complete then your own which is gutted and you didn't even create. With the worst copy paste tourny system which remind me of the ones people used to add to zeta rips back in the day.
Why would you intentionally advertise your boring BYOND game as if it wasn't boring?

I literally see no fun and joy from the 5 minutes I spent on the game last night.
The Liscense is now under new management.

The game is currently in Alpha testing. To keep up with the state of the game I invite you to head to the fourms.

Soon content will be added here, things are justa bit crazy atm, haha!

I will give it less than 6 months.
I give it less than 6 minutes

Whoops, just fired a shot there. My bad
Find a competitive pvp anime game that isn't too broken to entertain you.
I find same games entertaining and some are really fun,but yeah most games are boring won't last long.
The best thing about this is that the only "good game" is a NNG RIP.

Roderick Phillips...
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but really i cant enjoy a naruto game with out senju uzumaki with sage mode i just cant
Yes, because punching a tree or taking a squat and pressing the arrow keys is a very DYNAMIC way to train. I literally logged in and said the game had been the same since 2008 and was banned, what a joke.
Worst troll ever. If you weren't trying to troll us, you're obviously delusional.
RP Unlimited, to my knowledge, has ever only run one Dragonball server EVER and it lasted all of three days. That was almost two years ago. It's very apparent that you've never actually played most of these games.

EDIT: Also... BWAHAHAHAH!!! Holy shit, dude. If the word "ironic" has ever described a game so fervently, it has to be yours. Your game isn't even done. It shouldn't even be in announced ALPHA right now with how unfinished, unpolished, irrevocably "samey" your game is compared to quite literally every other Naruto-style BYOND game ever, of all time. (Except that one side-scrolling fighting game, that's actually not half bad.)

If you want to create an intriguing game, start with an immersive introduction. Are you not skilled enough to maybe do a short little cutscene or intro with a new character to describe the main premise of the start? Maybe a tutorial mission to get you acclimated to the control scheme and how combat works.

Open World PvP? Sucks. No one likes griefers and power whores. At least with games like WoW and EVE, you have a pretty good idea when someone is hostile toward you, but in random PvP, everyone is out to get everyone else. It's just that mindset. It's like DayZ. You EXPECT to get killed when you meet someone so you instinctively get the first shot to prevent you from getting killed, whether or not either of you really wanted a fight. It creates such a paranoia that is NOT at all healthy when playing an action RPG. Horror games, maybe, but not RPG's.

"Bitch quests"? Yeah, those aren't fun at all. When you belittle your players for playing your game, you're giving them the sense that you don't even want people to play your game. This is why you have 2 players logged on right now. If you want to suck someone in like a thousand-dollar whore, you make them feel epic right from the start. That doesn't mean they have to actually be epic in terms of gameplay, but by virtue of their character automatically feeling more powerful and heroic than village NPC's creates this swoon of "can-do" attitude that drives players to be twice as badass as they were before.

Everything on basis that you have to complain about other games, you're doing the exact same thing. You're head is stuffed so firmly up your own ass that the only thing you can see is how "great" your game is by marginalizing your own problems and overgeneralizing the problems of other games, of which you've actually stated very little. You've given less constructive criticism and more of a "u sux, I r reel coder" air of dissonance.
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Nice essay bro. To bad tl;dr.
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DarkNinjaNaut wrote:
Nice essay bro. To bad tl;dr.

If that's an essay, I'd hate to see what teachers are requiring for term papers these days... God forbid, it might end up being a whole 10 paragraphs! But this made me laugh. Probably a little too hard.
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DarkNinjaNaut wrote:
Nice essay bro. To bad tl;dr.

I read it...... if this is too long for you to read i suggest getting tested for adhd.
Calm down ladies,

He was just joking.
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