Boundless Online

by Gluscap Games
New original sandbox roleplaying game, join a server or host your own.
OverviewA bunch of new skills will be added in the update, the "generic" ones will be available for any player to get through the skill tree system. Players start with 1 skill point that they can invest into any tree.

Skills on a skill tree are either beginner, intermediate or advanced. Each skill learned lowers the cost of skills in higher tiers. Mastering skills learned in the skill tree gives you more skill points. Because of this, anything learned with the skill point system cannot be taught/leeched.

Combat Skill Tree

Makyuu - Medium Damage blast ability
Sokusha - Low Damage rapid fire blast ability
Juden - High Damage blast ability
Kosen - Energy beam ability

Movement Skill Tree
Kyusokunaken - Allows you to jump around the map by clicking
Kuikkuripu - Allows you to use Kyuso in battle to combo your attacks
Flight - Allows you to fly around
Teleport - Allows you to teleport to friendly players (people in your village, clan)

Support Skill Tree
Heal - Allows you to Heal the person infront of you
Regeneration - Increase passive regen
Instant Regeneration - Instantly Regenerate Stamina
Rebirth - When you reach below 10% heal, you instantly regenerate some health

Utility Skill Tree
Telepathy - Telepathically speak to people in a certain area
Invisibility - Turn your character invisible
Imitate - Imitate a non-npc character
Focus - Buff to MAG/SPD
Katamaru - Buff to STR/SPD

This will be part of the 1.0 update in the coming month!
OH cool! Glad to see you're back, I imagine you've been busy lately. Looks like a cool update. can't wait to see it in action.

Although I think there should be some way to tell where invisible people are, or some sort of drawback. As invisibility as is could be pretty. . . Overpowered! (Like bloodloss, some sort of sense, or not allowing weapons to be equipped since they wouldn't be invisible)
You can't fight while invisible, depending on how much you've trained your invisibility your movement will also be limited.