Ninja Chronicles

by Orange55
Ninja Chronicles
Online PvP Sidescroller
Hello Everyone. I recently posted a Demo where you can try out the new framework.

I have recently done some work on the game I thought you guys might like to take a look at so here goes.

#1 Ninja Tool System Added

I added a new ninja tool system as well as 2 new ninja tools (shuriken,exploding kunai). The last game allowed you to throw shuriken endlessly, effectively creating a spam fest - So this time it's different. The system assigns you a "supply" amount - you can run out of shuriken, kunai and exploding tags. Additionally, when you toggle your ninja tool(hotkey : T) your selected tool shows up on the screen instead of giving you text in the chat box.

#2 Jutsu for Sasuke

We have grand fireball again! Grand fireball now carries splash damage that can send you flying, you are hit for even more damage if your directly hit by the blast.

Chidori has been touched up to be a bit more polished when you charge up.

#3Character Selection Screen redone

The old one wasn't cutting it. I hope you like the new one!

Well, that about covers it.

Feel free to comment!

Good Job i Like it
In response to Maxi00
Thx =3
Great! The game looks amazing!
In response to Sperio
Thanks man :)
Looking forward to this game
In response to K1GAARA
I'm glad your looking forward to it :)