Looking for a bit of help from the tech gurus round these parts. I can hear my hard-drive. No, it doesn't speak. I believe it's the head and disc interfacing, as I was told. I also am starting to believe that I can pretty much kiss it goodbye. Anyway I can salvage any of the data?
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if you can still read data off of it, dump it's contents on CD, DVD, or another computer via network as quickly as you can.

otherwise you could end up paying anywhere from $100 to $1000 to recover the data off that drive, depending on what company does the service.
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Well, I could read the data just fine as of the previous evening. I failed to take the hint that the drive was failing when I ran scandisk and it froze while scanning the surface. Now it refuses to do anything but make a very audible clicking noise whenever access is attempted.
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yep- sounds like the drive is done... could be a simple thing like the drive head stuck someplace.

unfortunately, most data recovery shops might charge $25-$50 just to crack the case (using a 'clean room') and see what the problem is (without fixing anything of course).

[edit] at your own risk, you *could* trying removing the drive from the computer, and lightly shake it in different directions. that *might* help it get unstuck- hopefully long enough to move the data off of it.
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I don't have the money to pay for a recovery, so I may just try that. Thank you for your help, Digital.