Re-Defined 2

by Ss4 core
Re-Defined 2
We are coming back.. Only 100% more Original.
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These are features I'm going to be adding, but I'm posting here for opinions/suggestions and for lack of better explanation... I have terrible memory.

1. Equipment.

Head, Face, Chest, Back, Arms, Hands, Hands-Holding, Legs, Feet.
(Mental Note: Every equipment category is a list to allow multiple equipment such as Under-Shirt and Shirt, or Cape and Sheath)

- Head will have helmets, hats, etc.

- Face will have sunglasses, masks, etc.

- Chest will have shirts, armor, etc.

- Back will have capes, cloaks, weapon sheaths (if you have a sword, you can choose to have a sheath on your back to sheath the weapon. If you do not choose to havea sheath, your weapon will remain in your hands at all times unless you un-equip it. The sheath is for appearances only), etc.

- Arms will have more armor stuff like shoulder pads, etc.

- Hands will have gloves, wrappings, etc.

- Legs will have armor stuff, etc.

- Feet will have boots, wrappings, etc.

++ Hands-Holding will be Left Hand/Right Hand/Two Hands for weapons, shields, grabbing. Ex: If you hold a weapon, you won't be able to grab someone.

2. Environment Interaction.

- Ability to interact with the environment seamlessly. This includes punching trees will drop nuts/coconuts/etc. that could be sold (or if I implement a "resources" function, these things can be broken down into wood/stone/etc. to build walls, etc. OR broken down turns into resources value - kind of like money, but used to "purchase" something you build. Like 5 resources = 1 Wood Wall).

3. Environment Interaction - Part II.

- Ability to do side-stuff like fishing, etc. Things like fishing could increase stamina.

4. Quests.

- Ability to do quests like NPC needs 5x Enemy killed. Or NPC needs certain item found. Or NPC needs escorted to X location. Typical quest stuff I suppose.
Having your sword sheathed could also mean running faster or something along those lines. More mobility in general.