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I wish I read more, after I graduated from High School, I read quite a bit less. I guess working 40 horus a week dosent help either. eh.

Hehe. I work just a bit over 50 hours a week, and I'm still managing to trundle my way through the Dark Tower series. :) I'm about to start Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla. Can't wait to get into it. Just gotta find time to get to town to buy it!

I read through the last 3 books in less then a week. But I dont really read the pages, I look at them.

It was a really good read, and ended the way I think we all knew it should, but that didnt make me dislike the ending any less.

Strange thing is, even though I disliked the ending, it didnt make me not like the series, it was so good.

I hope they do get around to making a movie series, like Lord of the Rings, each one like 3 or 4 hours long, and as uncesnored as they can get it.

Although, with all the sex in it, I dunno how far theyd get.
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Hmmmmm....Okay. The copy I have of it somewhere has it as #3, I hadn't known there was another version.
My bad.
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I present to you the Golden Dragon award for appearing to be more obsessed with the species than I am. :o

Thanks for the recognition. If a book has anything to do with dragons, I'll read it. I'm even trying to get my mom to let me get a tatoo of one. I'll post the B&W picture as soon as I get my scanner working again.
So, how obsessed are you with them? =)
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I was so obbsessed, I turned myself into a dragon.


Think that Dragons acually existed at one time? Maybe they were Dinosuars left over from the extention..And maybe the fire breathing thing was from chemicals in the iron and rock and stuff they ate!

I think its possible...
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Hey James! Nice to find another Terry fan.

Yeah, it is nice. I had never been expecting reference to the series to pop up in an everyday conversation, even about a book that is a 'nationwide bestseller' (notice how they didn't specify which nation.)

Anyways, here is the book list, which I think actully has 2 or more new additions to it.

Wizards First Rule
Stone of Tears
Blood of the Fold
Temple of the Winds
Soul of Fire
Faith of the Fallen
The Pillars of Creation

There is also a smaller book, not really connected with the Sword of Truth series per-say, its like a autobiography on Zeds Life and what happened, I got that laying around somewhere. I think it might be called Wizards Second Rule. I think its in my bathroom somewhere. lol

Hope it helps.

Thanks! It does. A lot. Now I should be able to find them in a couple days when I'm done with Stone of Tears and Blood of the Fold, which should be by Friday considering schools out. Let me know if you can remember the title to the book, and I'll try to do a little research of my own. If its a book, one of the library branches here in Memphis has it.
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As do I. I hope everyday that something proving the existence of dragons will turn up. So far, no luck. Even though scientists DID find proof that a village of Hobbits used to inhabit a small island. Can't remember where though.
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Ah, well, uh...
I'd say the only thing that differentiates me from being considered a "furry" (or scaly, or otherkin or whatever the label would be) is that I don't actually think I am one, a reincarnation, etc. Oh, and I can't draw either. While I don't roleplay often at all, and I generally suck at it, I've portrayed my character as a young dragon for several years.

Too off-topic? O.K., O.K. I enjoy the Harry Potter books (whenever I can get my cla-er, hands on one) and people have commented a lot that when I was younger, I had an eerie resemblence to Harry. :)
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I gotta say, I definatly love Harry Potter(Dont say anything), Artemis Fowl, and I'm fanatical about Hitchikers. (I love it). I also enjoy Lord of the Rings, though enjoy is a major understatment.
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I'ts nice to hear someone besides me has actully read Hitchikers, and most people only see the Jurrasic Park movies. Most people actully think Narnia is for 6 year olds.
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The Chronicles of Narnia were awsome.
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Jamesburrow wrote:
As do I. I hope everyday that something proving the existence of dragons will turn up. So far, no luck. Even though scientists DID find proof that a village of Hobbits used to inhabit a small island. Can't remember where though.

Yeah and I also recall alot of people got pissed for them using the word "hobbit" since they were just like, really short people or something.

Anyways, I always said there is some truth behind fantasy, stories, myths, legends. So god knows, I mean, they say Lockness is a Dinosaur, and it survived just as long, whos to say, some fire breathing monsters survied up to the Middle Ages, like freaking T-Rex with a flamethrower..
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Keep in mind Otherkin and Therianthropy are different than Furry. Furry is like a general appreciation or liking of animal/anthro art (IMO) whereas Otherkin and Therianthropy are belief systems and/or religions, depending on the extremity of their practice. Furry itself has naught to do with reincarnation, etc etc.

So, if you really like dragons, I'm not sure if you'd be classified as a furry (erm, scalie, whatever same thing, eh wot? =D). It depends on your outlook.

I can't roleplay, and I can't draw for beans. I do, however, like some anthro art (PG only! Ack!) as well as animals in general. That being said, I often hang out in "Luskwood" on SecondLife as an anthropomorphic Raccoon.

In my opinion, if you like the idea of anthropomorphic animals in general and you don't mind labels, then you're a furry =P On the other hand, there's no defined rule for what makes a "furry" so you can reject the label altogether, which is what I did for a long time due to all the smut of the furry fandom.

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Curse you! Your revival of a 4-month dead post comes too close to a couple of days ago where I was reconsidering the furry label and where I stood with it.

Thanks for making me feel species-confused all over again. ;)
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Ehehe ^^

That's what it is, really, a label. I didn't really like it because I felt the "label" stood for all the bad "smut" in the furry fandom. I mean, when people think "furry" they think furry porn, "yiffing," etc etc...

That's not really my cup of tea. I'm PG =D

In Luskwood, however, I found furries who, despite the label, were clean and interesting to talk to, and who shared my interest in anthropomorphic animals. So, I figured I would fight the label, so to speak, and come out of hiding ^^;

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Well, I love Willian Gibson's stories, Neuromancer is a great book.Goethe wrote Faust, that's the better book i ever read cause it teached me something: good ones go to heaven, bad guys go to hell!Poor Faust, he was a bad one... Tolkien is also awesome.
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Yay for Wikipedia. It knows almost everything (or at least 750,000+ things).

W-hats? I suddenly feel odd about seeing "The Awful Foru..." in a downsized window at the bottom of my screen. :P
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Im a bigger fan of Poe. The Tell-Tale Heart is one of my favorites...Chopping an old man up just because of his eye? Priceless!
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Tmothy Zahn. Good books, for the mot part. You may know him from the STAR WARS series.

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