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The public testing was a success. The game averaged around 14 people a day, and at one day, getting to around 20 people. Not to mention, thanks to the public testing, that some lethal bugs I never noticed while double-keying to test the games were found when more than one games were running were found, and fixed. The game also, before last week wasn't even ranked, is now ranked 29th. During the week, I created another three player map, and added 3 units to each faction, making a total of 10 units per faction. Again, I hope these numbers will increase with time. I also plan on adding the Elves faction real soon, as it's on the top of my priority list. I also planning on finishing up the Shroud game setting, and adding in a Capture the Flag mode. The game setting will disallow people to see the whole map until the units have travelled around it.

In addition to these new features I plan on having soon, I also plan on having some other features which will be added later. I plan on making BYOND Member benefits, which haven't been completly decided yet. There will also be also extra features for subscribers when the features come in, such as being able to save a game while in the middle of the round, since some games may take a couple hours to finish.

To the people who have played, thanks for testing this week, and to those who haven't got the chance to play yet, another public testing will be scheduled some time. I don't like to make deadlines for myeslf, because I probably wouldn't make it by the deadline, but I hope to be able to have this game publicly released by the end of 2006 or the start of 2007.
/me <3 Unnamed TBS
Isn't a test generally considered successful if you find bugs to fix or find out that fixes worked? I don't think popularity comes into it. ;) (Gratz though.)
I find it successful because I did find bugs, pretty lethal ones too, and they got fixed. I'm almost confident right now, actually, to be getting it hosted 24/7 without crashing, or having major errors. I edited my post, anyhow.
Will you ever get a name for it? :O
If I could think of one that suits the game and its genre, I would have named it already. :P
"Legatus" Latin for Legion. Considering in most instances it's a battle of small brigades.

Or "Animus Saga" which would mean an age of hatred. Which just looks good, but probably is more suitable if the game were story based- BUT I STLL LIKE IT.

"Foe" which is just symbollic of being against, for two or more sides to just fight.

Maybe even "Egi Actum" latin for Lead, or To Lead.

So my suggestions:
Animus Saga
Egi Actum

My favorite is "Animus Saga" it had a tranquil sound to it, though of combat. And it's spelling looks good- it would be a really cool title.
Animus sounds like Animal and Saga reminds me of DBZ.

Legatus sounds cool though.