I figured i'd try windows 10, as I really hate windows 8.1. When using this it defaults to Project Spartan rather than Internet Explorer. When using this, it seems none of the links inside of BYOND work (skin reference, and hub information), however, when I change the default to any other browser it appears to works.

Anyone tried this, and have any thoughts on why only BYOND (from my limited tests) would be doing this?
Presumably the internal browser component now uses Project Spartan instead of IE, and it's subject to all sorts of quirks.

Hopefully this can be sorted out before Windows 10 goes live, which is just under 2 months from now.
Superbike reported on this as well. If you can do some more extensive testing it'd be helpful to know which links don't work and which do, including things in games that use the browser control (e.g., games that have internal byond:// links).

If I'm right, Superbike's report that external links fail is the only issue. And if that's the case, it may simply be a case of launching those links a different way.
Intenet Explorer still exists in Windows 10, just switch the default browser to that. I'm pretty sure I saw a setting to disable Spartan when I had Win10 installed for the few hours I needed it to reformat my computer.
Here are some notes.
Version 508.1288

Working Links:
* Anything that contains byond:// protocol.
* Pager Create Account, Forgot Password
* Dream Maker Skin Reference (This didn't work before I upgraded)
* Links that opened browsers inside the game (guessing JavaScript on SS13 menu?) worked.
* Browser Controls. with and without target=_blank (target=_blank opened in Spartan. Without opened in seeker.)
* Ads (forced open IE).

Non-working links:
* Any external link in the page, outside of the two mentioned above.
* Any external link in dream daemon, inc world.log.
* Any external link in Output Controls.
* The BYOND links in the splash screen (first link to get to member window works, second window to open browser does not).