This really is a good question to think about. You would have it easy in the military (I should know because my fathers in the military) because jobs want someone who has had *atleast* some military experiance. Not saying all jobs do, but most of them do and you are more then likely hired on the spot. As for programmer, I really say go for that right now. Both the Army and Programming can get you started in the right direction of your life so really choice doesn't matter unless you think about the current events. If you go into the Army, You better bet your butt they will send you right over to Iraq in your field of work that you will go into. The goodside to that is, You will most likely see no combat, you will be promoted a few ranks for staying there a year before getting rotated. Other then that, if you don't like war, I say you should take up being a programmer and think about the Army when we aren't at war with another country. That's just my 2 cents from experience.
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Well, thank you Mr. Jamesburrow, for the lively insight on this community. Your input is appreciated.
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Jamesburrow wrote:
Still, at least you'll have access to un-released games.

You mean unfinished games, that you've been working on all day, that you know inside out.
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Crunch time, Wednesday, it's all a blurr for a pro-wordsmith. =P
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