Since I can't really do much where I'm at currently. (out of the house until the end of July) I'm going to go back to practicing Pixel Art. I haven't done much in awhile, but I'm going to see how much I can before I go back home. I'm going to practice with mainly just the shades of black, gray, and stuff since i'm terrible with colors as you guys already know :3. I'll be adding more as the weeks go by, this is just my way of having something i can look at every once in awhile since i have no friends out here ;_;.

Ps: C&C if you want i don't think i would really do anything since this is just for randomness(southend will probably show up some time later to tell me my boobs are not saggy enough or something lol)
Pss: A lot of these are not finish ofc cause i'm trying to do a lot of different things, styles etc.
Psss: Say something pls, im lonely lol, or request a character or something it'll be fun.
Pssss: That moment when dragons have better legs than you
Make a robot
Robot would be good. I'd like to request a tiger though.
In response to Ganite
Ganite wrote:
Make a robot

With saggy boobs.
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Flick wrote:
Ganite wrote:
Make a robot

With saggy boobs.

Diving head first into the uncanny valley.
Alright Alright Alright~

Bewbs not that saggy because robots -_- Kamina looking boss tho. Im terrible with animals and stuff so i tried my best eh.
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Pretty well done on the tiger. I also really like how the rest came out. This is BYOND where everything, everywhere pretty much has to make a DBZ joke or reference... So maybe you should try an original DBZ character or Goku next.
is that a Liger or tigon ?
In response to Toddab503
What part of BYOND have you been wondering in?
In response to Akto
Lol it was a joke. I just often see someone reference DBZ in some way somehow in a lot of various threads so I decided to make a quick joke about it.

Anyway. In all seriousness, I vote for Robot Unicorn next. Just because I can. Lol.

I love your work VixiV! How are you guys so good? >.<
@Southbend it's a Tigon.
Updater zz. Keep requests coming running out of ideas, unless y'guys want me to start drawing or something.
Wow. That is pretty damn well done. Okay, running out of ideas huh? It's time to stack then.

A parot, Disney Princess, Kairi or Xion from Kingdom Hearts (Add Neko ears if you want a twist), Angelus from Drakengard (Any form), and... Darc from Ark The Lad Twilight of The Spirits.

There. If you actually accept all those, you should be busy for quite a while. Lol.
Boruto Uzumaki, VixiV.
Yut Put wrote:
draw empirezteam

yes, draw me. and if you're curious as to what i look like, imagine if Morgan Freeman, Samuel L Jackson, James Earl Jones and Denzel Washington had an extremely intelligent and fascinatingly handsome male child. thats me. im that child. thats what i look like.

no saggy boobs though unfortunately.
In response to EmpirezTeam
But white instead of black.
In response to Ganite
Ganite wrote:
But white instead of black.

i have african and niitsitapi ancestry.
Thats it make a frog! how could we forget.
Super Saiyan Frog, pls. Need for mi gayme.

Would like to see more of the dragon though.
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