Yeah, I've become pretty good using OpenGL in VB lately, and I've delved into 3D rendering a few times with it; but I really don't have what is needed. But people say OpenGL is pretty close to the same in C++ except for C++'s differance in sytax. I think once I get better at C++ OpenGL won't be much problem for me, I'm also planning on buying a book on C++ with a large portion devoted to OpenGL (after it actually teaches you the language it teachs you how to make games with it, really awesome), it also covers DirectDraw and simple ol' BltBit. If this was a year or so later I'd probably be jumping to help =P (I babble when I'm just waking up, sorry!)
I'm not as experienced in C++ and OpenGL as I'd like. Which is why I'm making a game using them. =) I'm learning fast though.

That book sounds pretty good, but I usually try and do without computer books when I can. They're expensive, and the 'net is usually the only resource I need. =)

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Hopefully if BYOND does blend (notice the if), it'll still be on the easy-to-use level or atleast get a bit easier .... Err don't mind me, I am at school right now getting my brain fried.

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