Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Open

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Right now the resolution of the text rendered by maptext is tied to world.icon_size. For games created with small icon_sizes (such as 16x16), this makes maptext much less useful. As you might expect, maptext that is rendered at 16x16 and then scaled up even 2x in the DS comes out looking super blurry:

It would be great if maptext allowed us to specify a different base "icon_size" to calculate its resolution, or even if maptext could just be toggled to be rendered at whatever resolution the system is running at. Especially when it comes to stuff like creating custom chat displays with maptext, drawing the text using the default system resolution would be awesome.

maptext shouldn't be linked to world.icon_size
The web client can show text over the map. Although it might be tricky to anchor text to atoms, for HUDs it should be perfect.
Hrm, I'm really not sure how this would work. The upscaling solution I'm planning to implement in 508.1290 would have to be altered a lot, and still I'd need a software mode handler for that as well.

Basically what you'd be looking at is this:

1) Render non-maptext at regular size
2) Scale to size preferred by maptext
3) Render maptext
4) Scale to integer multiple size closest to current zoom
5) Present to screen

But one huge problem with this is that maptext is subject to the same layering as regular icons, so the steps 1-3 wouldn't actually work.

Perhaps the solution lies in Yut Put's feature suggestion of being able to upscale all sprites without anti-aliasing, although I don't see how that'd be easy to handle automatically either.
Yeah if it's a complicated thing then it's probably not worth it. There is a potential workaround in my end (scaling all of the game's assets up to 32x32), so it's not the end of the world.

It would be really nice if we could force disable anti-aliasing of the maptext to at least eliminate the bluriness, but from what I've read that might not be a simple fix either.