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6/21/15 5:53 PM - Breed has 3 major stats at the moment: Health, Energy, and Blood. With no health you're dead. With blood loss you run the risk of passing out and eventually dying. Energy allows you to do actions. I plan on adding Hunger and Warmth.
6/21/15 5:59 PM - Development hiatus: I am going to watch one of my favorite movies again... Sin City!
6/22/15 9:49 PM - No work was put in today; long work day and I just got off. I'm excited to work on Breed tomorrow!
6/25/15 10:10 PM - I made a new Dev Log in regards to The Dying Breed. As noted, I will be out of town for a Baby Shower, so I am not sure if I'll get a release out this weekend. If not, it's back to the same as before. (I work 12 hours on Monday and Wednesday and will try to get an update out in-between or after)
A side note for myself as I currently do not have access to my laptop... Add a hunger stat. Different zombie types: roamers, and hunters (follow your blood trail). I'll add a forum topic that'll allow players to suggest more types.
Long day of work today. I'm super tired and did not remember what my to do list was until I saw it. Let's hope I have tons of energy tomorrow!
A problem I always see in the multiplayer zombie survival games is that there is incentive to kill each other. Why should I not when I see free loot walking?

I've been pondering with the idea of all players online selecting a position. (Ex: captain, hunter, cook, etc.) We all would bring a skill that another cannot effectively do... I'll make an expanded post later today in regards to this. I'm at work right now.
I am currently adding more weapons prior to the online testing today.

* Baseball Bat
* Crowbar
* Lead Pipe
* Sledge Hammer
* Shovel new
* 2x4 new
* Pot new
* Fry Pan new

* Hunting Knife new
* Machete new
* Fire Axe new
* Saw new

Don't worry... there are guns too! I just haven't added any new ones today.

* Added world say - After some thought, I decided that local speaking may make the world too quite for some. By default, hearing world say is turned off. Those who speak in world say will have their key displayed and not their character's name.
Just got home from my jog. The next public update will include 3D sounds, which should vastly improve the atmosphere. Thanks goes to Konlet for providing the suggestion and link to Foomer's library.

As always, I work 12 hours on Monday and Wednesday. So if I don't get an update out today, there should be one either Tuesday or Thursday.
Draig pointed out an existing bug that has plagued TDB.

Randomly when you bleed out the zombies stop attacking, you have limited health, and the screen remains black.

I'm not sure why this happens but it'll be my main priority once I begin programming Tuesday or Thursday.

Note for myself: when blood is 500 or less, bleed out with no chance of stoppage. Check to see if passed out of called twice and if player is listed as dead.
I got off of work early today! I have fixed the dying issue above.
Keep it up! :)
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Keep it up! :)

Thank you! I appreciate the kind comment.
I haven't made a shout in a while...

I am currently developing my next project. It should be more "sandbox-y" with a goal. It will be fun this time to!