The Dying Breed

by Mr. RJT
The Dying Breed
Open world multiplayer zombie survival
Good evening!

I am here to display my game: The Dying Breed. Breed is an open world zombie survival game where you must fight against zombies, and even bandits, for what is left.

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The game is ready to be played at the moment. There are some additional features I will add after the testing has been completed. Those features are the following:

* Saving - The number one feature which makes the most sense. I opted with not enabling it due to the early release. I want to make sure that there are no game crippling bugs.
* Auto-Tile - Blocky = Ugly. I'm going to smooth things out!
* Weather System
* Clothing Protection - It's already implemented. I just want to add the weather system so that the insulation variable has a use.
* Item Deterioration - The variables are in place. I just haven't had a chance to implement the system in.

After these features have been added, I will start polishing the game and add requested features.

NOTE: You may have noticed that some of the graphics are from minidayz. In an effort to have a presentable game, I opted with grabbing ("stealing is bad!") some of them. The removal of these graphics will be apart of the "polishing" mentioned above.

I don't generally release projects of mine. So I am frantically testing my game alone to ensure its playable at this point. Due to work, I will either have a release today or by Tuesday.

Thank you!
You will be able to find near daily updates here. Some days I'll post multiple updates and some days, such as every Monday and Wednesday, I'll disappear due to working 12 hours.
Better mobs :(
In response to Ganite
Ganite wrote:
Better mobs :(

I am no artist but I felt that they were kind of "cute," haha. I will certainly update the graphics once I get the game in a solid state.
In response to Mr. RJT
I actually liked everything until I seen the mob doesn't mean you don't have something good going though. Keep it up seems interesting.
Add zombie pickles, please.
In response to Kumorii
Kumorii wrote:
Add zombie pickles, please.

They are already in. :)
In response to Mr. RJT
If you're being real with me then this is my new favorite game 10/10.