A little after I got home from work today I decided to flip on my computer for a good long block of coding and other fun stuff I do while offline, and I noticed the video was very dull and had static lines, which was weird since the thing was working when I left this morning. After some research I found it was my video card, yay. There's more money I need to spend to get myself back online. I do have an older video card, but it's gonna limit me to none of my good games, and lack of PSP use, but it'll do.

If anyone has any idea on how to fix the problem do tell; I'll eventually be able to look back in on this. It's a GeForce 64MB card (Deadron knows the card better than I do, he bought it years ago), as I said before it's a lack of brightness and faint static lines. The onscreen display is fine so I'm pretty sure it's not the monitor, I've tried degaussing and another monitor. Thanks for any help.

This concludes my status report, I'm working now so I should be back ASAP.
if on screen status is ok, maybe the cable and/or connector has become damaged somehow, and the static lines you see is the result of bad shielding. check the connector and cable (at both ends if possible) for any wear-n-tear.
When one of my graphic cards went to heaven it went dull. It was readable and I used it for a long time before I replaced it.
Same sort of situation as you. Turned it off one day turned it on again and everything was dull.

I'm not sure if it's healthy, but you may be able to get away with using it for a while.
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Not a very good memory card either. What happened to your other job? I would just wait the time out until you get money and replace it. I've never had the problem, but it either is the cable, or the card itself, and from the sounds of it, it is probably just the old card.
Pull the card out and check for dust, put it back in and see if that helps.
Further research has concluded the heat-sink fan on the card had motor failure and the card can't stay cool enough to run at nearly full power. Looking at the motor makes me happy it didn't catch fire and take my whole system with it =P. I don't have much to use the system for anyways, so I'm not too worried about replacing it, if I have the urge to code I still can, it's visible enough to do it. Thanks for all the suggestions and opinions.