I started writing this as a pager message to Ter13, but decided that it was better suited as a forum post.

Ter13: Your development posts and answers to questions on these boards are much appreciated.

A good example is your post about tile-glide smoothing, which was a problem that NEStalgia had when it originally launched on Steam. Having grown so used to a bit of jittery movement on BYOND since 2001, it was something that never really occurred to me to try and address. Your tutorial was great because it A) Made me realize for the first time that a fix was even possible, and B) Helped me to understand and implement the fix really quickly.

Recently I've been delving into various BYOND functions and features that I've never had cause to use much before. Whenever I do a forum search for help on an unfamiliar subject, it almost always ends up being one of your posts that provides either the solution or a tidbit of knowledge that gives me an "aha!" moment and allows me to figure out the rest on my own.

I'm now at the point where I occasionally browse through your post history to see if I can learn something new (or even just how to improve something that I'm already doing).

So yeah - thank you very much, and keep the posts coming!
inb4 Ter13 joins the Silk Games team
Heck, I'll dogpile on too. Ter, your contributions to the forums really are hugely appreciated.
I don't speak to Ter nearly as often as I should, but when we do, it tends to be pretty interesting and insightful. I'm glad to have met him.

You rock, brotha.

You've been one of BYONDs greatest assets, especially on the forums.

Keep up the good work.

- Dan
Aye. What they've said.
I'm really not equipped to handle this kind of attention. I expect the shitposting to resume IMMEDIATELY.

In all seriousness, though:

@Silk: I'm actually so incredibly happy that you addressed that movement issue. IIRC, I mentioned that snippet back in 2014 to you in the hopes we could bring down some of the shitposting with regard to the engine on the steam reviews at the time because frankly I wanted to see your sales increase for the sake of the engine getting fresh blood... And maybe so Lummox/Tom could switch to Shin ramen rather than top ramen... But yeah, really glad you got around to it.

@Yut puddles: <3. You and I disagree quite a fair bit, but our private development banter has always been fun and you always seem to come up with the most interesting problems for me to solve.

@Doohl: I wish I'd have been in a better space when I tried working with you and Chance, but bipolar disorder is... Well, it's a thing. It's definitely a thing. I try to not talk about it too much, though, and I really try to avoid making excuses for my failings. I did thoroughly enjoy banter with you two, though.

@A.T.H.K: Thanks for everything you do with BYONDpanel. That service is a big reason a lot of games are probably even able to host at all.

As for everybody else: I could be, and I should be doing better. I've had talks with Tom about my attitude and my role as a mentor in the past, and he's made it absolutely clear to me that my demeanor needs serious work. I can come across as arrogant, dismissive, and downright toxic from time to time on the forum. I'm much more congenial via PM and skype, but my outward persona does need some real work. I'm glad you guys have been patient with me while I work on trying to be a better person.

As for the complete and utter lack of equipment to handle positivity and love from this community, I don't know what else to say except thank YOU, Lummox, and Silk. Silk, DWO was one of the first reasons I started trying to make stuff. Lummox, your work on the engine has been phenomenal and it's only been getting better. Our relationship has been somewhat... disagreeable from time to time, but thankfully one of the two of us has been able to be an adult and you've kept most of the conversation very professional. I'm sorry for any flak I've sent your way. I only have the utmost of respect for you even if I'm constantly looking over your shoulder.

You know what they say. Those that can't do teach... And that's unfortunately me.
The David Tenant image is hilarious in full context. :)
I remember Ter when he was a wee newbie wandering about lost. Now he's better at this stuff than I am. Well done :).
I remember when Ter wasn't around. Those were the days.

Then Ter showed up and everything started going downhill.

It's a complete coincidence.

When I think of all the banter we've had, oh oh, it really just makes me want others to evacuate the dance floor as we continue to go in depth on the topics of the day, whatever they may be. You've help me out quite a bit, oh oh, and I'm glad you've stuck around thus far as I'm infected by the sound. You've done quite a bit for the community, oh oh, even though I'm certain some of our forum dwellers have made you think "stop this beat is killing!"

Anywho, thanks for all you've done, Hey Mister DJ, and continue to do around here. Just try not to let the music take me underground.

Nadrew wrote:
I remember Ter when he was a wee newbie wandering about lost. Now he's better at this stuff than I am. Well done :).

If Ter eventually surpassed you after being a wee newbie, I have high hopes that one day our unappreciated TDC will eventually continue Ter's legacy.
I haven't had much interaction with Ter but I'll join the party.

I recall randomly looking at the forums, something I don't often do then coming across an interesting title "Snippet Sunday". It did change quite a few programming habits of mine.

I've never seen any arrogance or toxicity but I haven't had that much interactions with you, in my opinion, if you're trying to become a better person then isn't that the most important part? Noone's born perfect.

Thank you for being a terrific person. (I couldn't resist)
Ter is the only developer I deemed worthy of fanning. *le-gasp*

We've had our limited, but recently increasing interactions. I can't recall a time in particular where we disagreed strongly enough to oppose each other on a topic. I, as should everyone aspiring to become or better themselves a developer, find your insight enlightening. When I become super famous rich for being the next Jesus, I will have you recognized for your contributions to BYOND's community.
Ter. Enough said.
What A Super Duper person you are, Ter. I don't know you personally, but I've read plenty of your posts here and there in the forums and it has helped me learn and grow as a developer! (Though, I always have a hard time putting stuff out there.) Just know that We're All So Delighted to have you in our lives. You're such a Wonderful, Awesome, and Snazzy Denizen of BYOND. I'm not quite sure what we'd do without you.

Well...All Said and Done.

Ter. In thanks to your support for the community, as it stands, I'm proud to dub this thread: now about horses.
Ter has ALWAYS been very helpful. As mentionned previously he maybe have showed a somehow "cooky" attitude if I may call it?

But he's REALLY not like that. I sometimes feel like I just spam him with my questions but he's always always always there to answer them in no time and even post snippets of codes if I have absolutely no idea where to start from.

Just like Silk said, I often just check your posts/topics to see if I can find something new to learn.

Keep up the good work Ter! :)
All we're missing here is TDC, to thank Ter, even though he recently blocked the guy.