Well, I figured I'd finally come out and post it. For the past week or so I've been disconnected from the internet, and I expect it to last a while longer. So if anyone was wondering where I was, now you know.

As for Xooxer, he called me today. He's getting his life back in line again, and should be back online soon! (If before me, guess who I'll be staying with =D).

Anyways, figured I'd let everyone know what's up, hope to see you soon.
I know how you feel, for the past year I've had to use the public library's computers for getting online, and sometimes I manage to sneak online at home (because my Auant's paying the phone bill, and last time I was online my auant got bent out of shape about waiting for a phone call, even though it was 3 am ugh, Ive snuck online since then, but you get the picture, being offline does suck, although I'm taking an educated guess (thats the under-statement for the year) that your situation is different.
Awesome, tell old Xoo Chuck says hi!
Howdy y'all!

Yep, Nadrew is correct, I am back now. I'm using my dialup hours until my new router arrives. Dern MSN/Qwest evilness.

Anyways, What's new?

I ended up camping for one week in the Carson National Forest, very nice. I moved in with my old roomate, Demian, and have been living here for about a month or two. I would have gotten back sooner, but rent and bills took precedence over the internet. I got my old job back and things are going well.

I'm glad to hear I didn't miss the return of HRH.

To keep myself busy, I've been working on a website to put my new PHP authoring skillzorz to the test. If I'm online when you read this (dern dialup) you can see the fruits of my labors here:

And don't you go ripping my bases, or I'll have to rip you. ;)

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We'll have to set something up so I can come down there and stay for a couple of days, eh? I'll call you tomorrow before you go to work or whatever.
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Nadrew wrote:
We'll have to set something up so I can come down there and stay for a couple of days, eh? I'll call you tomorrow before you go to work or whatever.

Hey dudes.. if ya can make it?
Lets all meet up at the Xtreme Game Developers Xpo in California this year. Around Oct. timeframe.


ps. I think Dan and Tom should try to present BYOND there if they could make it.
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w00t! Welcome back the way, this is Chuck. Nice to see things turned out ok for ya man. ^_^
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Well, um, I dunno.

Looks nice, but it may not be worth the trip. I mean:

Early Registration Fee: $199
Hotel Room: $62 (one night, 2.25 mi from event)
subtotal: $261

Not to mentioning getting there, which would take about a day. There does't seem to be any busses running from here to there, so driving would be the only way. I don't have a vehicle, and probably won't come into possession of one (legally) by then, so I would have to con someone into taking me. I might be able to do that, given enough time and money, say:

Driver: $100 or so

Also, it might be a good idea to have some loot:

Pocket Change: $50

which brings us to:

Total $411

That's not so bad, really. But to be safe, add about 50%:

Safe Total: $600

And that's if you get the early registration, a cheap hotel, and a sober driver who isn't going to ditch you San Jose for some neo-hippie chick with a cat and a van. >.>

Anywho, I think I'll pass.