I've provided a gallery and some details of my shmup, Gall of the Thrall for #ScreenshotSaturday. It's sort of related to MeanderGall, but I didn't want to have a non-BYOND game show up in the Game Updates forum so I'll mention it here instead. =)

Some influence and scoring details can be found here.
Looks pretty cool and professional.
expected a WoW thread

got a shmup thread
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EmpirezTeam wrote:
expected a WoW thread

You're not the only one...
After a long delay, here's another gallery with some details. Honestly, I've been tempted to say "frell it" and recreate Gall of the Thrall in BYOND after so many Unity 5.x issues. I'm only sticking with it for the platform options at this point.