Duel Monsters Online

by Kajika
Duel Monsters Online
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
This week I had the opportunity to sit down and look at the source for the latest DMO version. Unfortunately the game is in tatters, though I managed to make it compile after a few hours of tinkering it is not a working game.

I'm contemplating whether to revive the project. There are many obstacles in the way however. I'm not promising anything at this point but I feel players would like to know my current thoughts.

* Non-Functional
The game doesn't work right now. I'm not certain how long it will take before it's fully functional again.

* BYOND has changed
There are some very cool additions to BYOND since I worked on this. To take advantage of them would take some refactoring.

* DMO is oudated
DMO is a relic. There are plenty of other better games out there now. It's difficult to believe anyone would be interested in a YGO game that only featured older cards.

* DMO needs to be redesigned
This is the biggest one. The interface is in serious need of an redesign, not my speciality. I can make anything but I'm not a designer. I could turn to the community on this for ideas and help me design how the game would look and be interacted with.

* Costs
Running servers aren't free. I'm willing to shoulder the cost for the first few months but we'd need to find a way to maintain a server.

* Time
My time is very limited. I couldn't spare more than 10 hours a week.

If the project were to be continued. I would turn to the community for help. Minimising the time I spend on tasks someone else could work on. However, it's unlikely there will be a direct reward except improving the game. Past attempts to enlist help came with unreasonable demands and blackmail.

I have a lot of ideas right now but until I've had some time to think about it I cannot make a decision.

I apologise for the long hiatus and trust you can give me some guidance on the future of this project. Thank you.
Well, those are quite the problems. On the other hand, I suspect that you've thought about the advantages/perks of having D-M-O revived (i.e another project on your showcase).

Whatever decision you make, it was nice hearing from you once more.
So great to hear from you again!

I know for a fact, that alot of people really enjoyed D-M-O, even I had my fair fun with it. Of course, it's clear you're having a hard time atm, but do consider the good things about getting D-M-O back up.
Honestly, looking back. DMO could still survive on byond in this day and age. it was one of the premium Duel Monsters game back when I was really active on BYOND (2005ish) and I remember the whole Shadow Duel addition and how people were really excited for that. you had atleast 100+ players back then...

Yugioh is still popular now although alot of the older players miss the old rules and play, which would be a bit of a good demographic to aim for ("DMO Classic", anyone?)

all in all, I think it would be worth it to invest a bit of time into revivng the game
OMG post from Kajika :o
To tell you the truth DMO is my favorite game on byond and when it comes back on it still will be my favorite game I hope to hear more news on it
O u O I like having the older cards! Right now there's another person trying to make an automatic Yugioh game with all the new cards and DMG is still the best non automated Yugioh game on BYOND with all the new cards. Sooo instead of trying to compete with these two people why don't you try to appeal to nostalgia and all the people who loved the old Yugioh and also DMO, by sticking with the old cards ^^
Oh and I'm sure tons of people would be begging to waste their money on shell servers for you
Perhaps, for now, you could work to get the old DMO fixed in your spare time and get that running. When that is running, you should be able to better gauge the interest in redesigning DMO and bringing it back. In addition, people will be more willing to help you I think if you can allow them to play around with the older project to get a better idea where the project is headed.

No matter what happens, if you do decide to pursue this DMO project, I would suggest finding a reliable person outside of yourself to have a copy of the host files. That way the game can still be hosted by someone if you go on hiatus again.

Either way, excited to see you back and hope to see the game up again in the future!
Also, you could always just start a donation page on the hub for DMO. Other games have done it and it has succeeded and raising the costs for the server on a month to month basis for the most part. And if it doesn't work, then it just shows that there is not enough player interest to keep the server up. Just be up front with everyone on the main page that if server costs are not covered, then the game will come down.
I have played this game for quite some time. It was great having it around. There are a few people who will make posts on here and those are people who miss this game and have played it for a as long as they can remember.
I am sure others are waiting for the day it returns.

I am sure people will be willing to donate. A general idea of the cost would be a good way to start. If we understand the cost of running the server I am sure we can make it happen. I would be willing to donate for this game!

I am not a programmer and I can't design but if there are other ways that I can help I would absolutely be willing to. Also, I don't really care too much on the whole new cards thing. What we had is sufficient and if there are other cards you would like to add then by all means go ahead but I don't think the players care. If they care that much then we can donate for your time to add additional cards.

Really hope this game comes back. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

its nice to know youre still alive kajika

i also think people would be willing to help by donating myself included since there are still active players who continue to watch dmos progress even after all the years its been down

about being outdated, dmo has always been outdated but that never kept people from playing

if u were to consider trying to revive it ik many people will be happy
Hello Kajika & DMO family,

I'm sure some of you (including Kajika) don't remember me, but I remember most of you. I spent a lot of my time playing mainly DMO, although having a console, handheld, and PC emulators. DMO was more than just a card game, but it was a place to socialize with your BYOND friends, meet new people, have fun, meet people that live close by, and even spread the news about BYOND to people that don't play it.

That being said, we've all missed you, Kajika. Your demeanor, hard work, humble attitude, and modesty is what made and helped DMO strive, although, like some said, there were other games with newer cards and rules. We appreciated you. Shout out to Lufia and the other one (I don't remember his key). Do you keep in touch with them?

I've learned a good amount of DM language and have programmed a bit, but was unable to complete a full project due to the lack of actual help, like in your case. I'm willing to offer my services to help program, redesign, and create new ideas. I am no pro, but those who know my programming skill knows that I learn quick, program efficiently, and am open to new ways of programming. I'm also willing to show you my previous work, if needed. If you ever need assistance, you can always message me on the pager, or email me at: [email protected]

Thanks again, and welcome back! :D
Copnm/Teh Copster
+1 to ammy;
+5 to coppy;

I don't think people would require a DMO with all the cards. There are too many anyways. DMO had enough cards. It was the system and community that we loved.
well the above comments basically said it all. DMO number 1 game and always will be. me and many others will gladly help regardless of cost. having the #1 stein deck in dmo is something i miss dearly. bet jared misses it too (kuriboh ftw)

D:< hero
Well looks like the gang is all here :P
I too would be happy to donate if it helps bring DMO back!
Oh and Solo, Magic Cylinder > your stein deck :)
Could open source it, and have system in place to use Git source control and just control the master branches and approve commits. Unless you fear the source floating around.
J.P THAT WAS 1 TIME!!! or maybe twice xD
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