Duel Monsters Online

by Kajika
Duel Monsters Online
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
I would be willing to help out with community cost as well.

Solo you didn't Trunade/heavy/duster before pushing your stein plays through? smh :P
Dubby!!! I <3 you. :)
well cmon 1 facedown card, open field. its worth the risk until jp cylinders me :(
Welp, Kajika has yet to respond. Maybe he'll probably reply in another few years? *shrugs*
That was like one of the only games I'd find worthy of playing outside of the ones I made back in the day. If you find the will to update it, go ahead. :P
Kajika, I'm a loyal old timer player of dmo and used to play it 24/7 aswell as dungeon dice monsters when the server was out for a few moments when dmo went off. I was so excited when the new updated dmo came out even though it had fewer cards than before. All i request is that you just bring the game back even if there are limitations. The interface doesnt have to be great, everything being just basic will be fine and more than satisfactory. Please and thank you.
OMG OMG, DMO was the shit back then!

Is it the 'auto' thing that people lured towards?
Well I must say I havent been on BYOND in some time, but this was part of my childhood growing up and from time to time I come and check on it. Mostly to see if DMO is up again and to see if I could reconnect with old friends from the game, but every time I check it seems to never be on. I know through DMOs life span Kajika always had trouble with this game from the community or jus the work load. I hope to see this game back some day or at least to get an update from Kajika to see how he is doing. Also to everyone that knows me or knew from this game I want to say hi to all of you and hope to get in contact with some of you. I first played this game in 2003-2004 it has been that long. Over 10 years I have been coming back to this game. So needless to say it impacted my life to play. I am 25 now happily married with two kids in the military, and would love for this to come back to see old friends. Even though this game was about dueling and playing Yugioh a lot of people came to the game for the community. If anyone that remembers me and wants to get in contact with me just to catch up you are more than welcome too. I have a PS4 and Xbox One. Both gamertags/PSNs are the same. ReppinDaNorth21 just add me and tell me you found me here and hopefully I will remember you lol. Well since I decided to blabber on to much I will end it here. This was a great game and sad to see it end the way it did, but I had a great time. Again Hi to all and bye as well. To new things in life.
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Real-Nyhomeboy14 wrote:
Well I must say...

Haha, yeah, this is the real reason I visit BYOND in general. It's more a social thing than the actual games. And since most of us have been on BYOND since early childhood, it sticks with us.

Anyway, I freakin' loved BYOND. Thinking back, I think only cause it was the only good auto YuGiOh game. XD
Anyone else ever wonder if Kajika just drunk trolls us all on occasion?
DMO is never coming back..EVER!!!!!!
if dmo is making a come back i would like to help :)
It was the best dueling game on BYOND (to me).
If I wanted to argue with people I barely know on rulings, I'd go duel somewhere uptown.
The automation took out arguments, and the 64 man tournaments were insane. I'd take this game over any of the others I've tried on here any day.
Wow DMO.. *Throws bundles of money* I wanna relive my childhood o.o
It is currently hosted by Kajika himself :P You should hop on and have some fun before it goes
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