As a few of you know, for the past 6 months or so I've been slowly developing a media player program, with the recent addition of a video-player interface, I've decided to begin publicly distributing this program. It was made with dial-up users in mind, meaning you should never have to download more than 4 megabytes of files (including the Visual basic runtimes that are required), the program itself is only ~250kb, 52kb zipped. It isn't as feature rich as most media players, but it does its job. The interface is due for an overhaul, but my art guy is working on website stuff right now, and I only give him one project at a time.

You can find the program:

And the company's official site:

So, it most likely has some bugs here and there, and isn't very pretty, right?

I mean, take your media player and then look at winamp 5.0 or WMP 9, yours would look like most of the others that never got off the ground, but i do give you credit, i can't even make programs.

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Not as many bugs as you'd think, I do have a beta process, most were fixed in beta, but sure, a few probably still exist, and it may not look pretty, but it will, as I said, the interface is getting an overhaul once my art guy gets some time freed up.
The tab indices are not in order, and the window seems a bit large. I suggest cutting out some of the dead space, or making the window sizable. Also, the forward/back buttons don't go back if the song is less than 10 seconds from the start or end. I'd think it would be handy if the back button would go back to the beginning of the song if it was before 10 seconds. I guess you could just click on the song in the playlist, but some people might prefer to use the buttons.
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Yeah, I was thinking that about the back button, I just did a quick thing when I made it. The size thing used to have a purpose, but I removed that a few versions back, and never changed the size back. I'll look into the tab thing, I didn't really mess with it the first time around.
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Alright, I updated it, I made the video and main windows smaller, fixed the tab order, and made the rewind button rewind to the beginning if the song hasn't been playing for 10 seconds.