The Dying Breed

by Mr. RJT
The Dying Breed
Open world multiplayer zombie survival
Due to the extended "weekend," I got the chance to add a little more to The Dying Breed.

Players now get hungry. So it is ideal to scavenge through bushes and the houses to gather food.

Your clothing, such as under/outerwear, hats/helmets, and shoes can now provide protection against attacks. But they can rip and become useless.

-All HUD
I am no longer using the output as a local chat. Everything is displayed on the map... besides the output window that appears for the help screen.

-New, but smaller, features
* There are around 15 different zombie 'peeps.
* You cannot run while in water.
* There is now a sound effect for walking through bushes and trees.
* More and more and more sound effects!

-To Do
* Replace the HUD bar graphics. They are ugly.
* Saving.
* Weather System.
* Better pixel movement pathfinding.

[I ran from a horde and my shirt got ripped!]

As always, I need to get some testing done. I'm trying to get my girlfriend to help me out but she's playing Red Dead Redemption and then wants me to play Borderlands... I'm tempted to just toss this out there and gather any constructive criticism that I can. What do you all think?
That player Base seems out of place, why not just use the DayZ 2D base, since your using all tiles of that game.
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Zasif wrote:
That player Base seems out of place, why not just use the DayZ 2D base, since your using all tiles of that game.


I've received similar comments in regards to the player's sprite. At this point, due to the massive amount of graphics in the game, I am focusing on making a complete game. Once finished, I will either spend the time remaking the graphics (which I have the capabilities of doing, I just prefer programming) or I'll hire an artist.

Programming is my passion; I love it so much. The reason why so many of my Unity3D projects were halted was due to my lack of interest in making art. It's a flaw that i am working on. It's not an excuse to use another games graphics either; it's wrong...

I love writing so I'll provide some background on this game. I originally was making this project with Unity3D. The game was completed: networking and the game play was flawless. Unfortunately, the game consisted of cubes, cylinders, and spheres!

Exhausted and demotivated, I decided to make the project with BYOND. Minidayz had always felt slow and broken, so I somewhat wanted to make my own version of it. I never had the intention of releasing this... But as development progressesed I got a little excited and hastily made a post in regards to it... And this is how I am here today!

Thank you!
Great work, keep it up!
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Evi of au wrote:
Great work, keep it up!

Thank you Evi. I truly appreciate it!

I found a few bugs while testing today. Once fixed, I'll toss up a server.
I apologize for not hosting today. I'm sick, again, right now.

I'll host this tomorrow, I guarantee!
Honestly I like the bases they aren't half bad, nice game by the way.