RP Infinite

by Konlet
Create the unreal and live in another world.
What is RPI?
Role-Play Infinite is a text-based role-playing engine open to all users. We strive to be innovative and progressive as the online community does the same. I personally love both Role-Playing and BYOND; many players say that the Role-Playing community has DIED on BYOND! I think, together, we can revive it.

Why does RPI look like RPU? Is this a rip?
RPI has never used any resources of RPU, it just happens that they have a skin that is very convenient for users. If you're going to call us out on this, go ahead and look where they got their inspiration. RPU looked exactly like that when they started. Also, the skin will change based on player input.

Responsive Staff
We are now taking suggestions; to make a suggestion please PM either Identify or myself. There is also an in-game verb to send suggestions.

When will RPI be available?
The core testing stage is now over; hostfiles are released TODAY!

Important Notes
I am a Role-Player of BYOND and have supported RPU prior to this event, and as long as their staff keeps role-play alive I will continue to support them.