The Dying Breed

by Mr. RJT
The Dying Breed
Open world multiplayer zombie survival
I was able to get some online testing done and may possibly be busy for most of the day. So I've decided to release an Early Access version of this game.

If you find any bugs, or errors shows in the .txt, please post them on the forum.

This is a work in progress and I am gathering feedback so that I can make this game great. Constructive, and even non-constructive, criticism is welcome! I won't bite.


Side Notes:
- When you are at the title screen, press the "?" HUD graphics to learn how to play.
- There is no saving at the moment due to possible in game bugs.
- The hand that is selected is the hand in which an action will occur when you click. Press "TAB" to switch hands and "G" to drop.
- Y is local say and U is world say.
- E is to open the doors.

I am going to jog on a trail. So if you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment here. I will have my phone with me and will try to check here when possible. If I get back early, I'll post a link to my server so that we can get a gang of zombie slayers.
Well, I went through hell to get this picture. I had to search several houses, kill countless zombies, and heal many wounds...


These bags will refill your, or your comrade's, blood up to 1000 points! So no more bleeding and passing out.

This update also includes 3D Sounds. It is ready for release but I am trying hard to add more features first.

There is also a temporary server up for the game!
Early Access V.1.1

* 3D Sounds
* Blood Bag IV

I have decided to release the update with 3D Sounds and the Blood Bag. I won't be around much for the next 3 days so have fun!
What are 3D Sounds, exactly?
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Kevin208 wrote:
What are 3D Sounds, exactly?

I assume he's using pan to make it simulate "3D" sounds, such as knowing which direction it came from and such.
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Oooohhhh, thanks for the clarification. :-)
I am currently hosting a server for The Dying Breed. It'll be up until I go to bed tonight. The purpose is to test out the current features and gather suggestions.

* I did add hover text that'll appear when you're mouse is over loot or a player.
* The passed out dying bug should be fixed. I screwed up the angles at which the Zombies attack, which caused them to frequently miss when you passed out.

The server is now closed. Thanks to my girlfriend for coming online and doing an hours worth of testing. I have many things to fix and add!

Even though it was only us two, it was still fun. I hope to plan a bigger testing this weekend.