by Sawucalls
A D&D re-imagining of Space Station 13.
DragonRoll is a re-creation of the popular internet game, Space Station 13, with semi-D&D style gameplay.

It is set in an alternate, steampunk-like future version of Space Station 13, meaning it follows a retrofuturism/steampunk look for object and art style (as well as most items and other things).

DragonRoll can be played by yourself or with friends, so how you adventure is up to you.

Current Features include:
* An Extensive crafting system.
* Combat system with many stats to customize your play-style.
* Unique sNPC system, meaning AI players live lives of their own, and the world grows even without you.
* Extensive Character Creation system, allowing for almost limitless combinations.
* A Variety of skills, including fishing, cooking, mining and woodcutting!
* Achievements and Tracked stats, so you can see how other's progress along with you
* Randomly generated worlds, full of dangers to survive from.
* Systems to build your own buildings.

And a variety of other features!

If you would like to know more about the game, such as controls and information, click here!