My phone is getting shut off very soon, and I'll be gone, probably for 2-3 weeks, money problems have occured (also causing me to postpone a trip to see a dear friend, which really crushed my hopes for a while). So, yeah, I'll stay on until the bitter end, and see you all when I see you.

Comic Book Guy: Worst Halloween EVER! (not really, I've had worse, but this sucks, because there's nothing else to do here)

P.S. Xooxer, if you need to contact me, you'll have to do it in person, so probably best to stay down there, you know as well as I do, this town has nothing to offer, so you'd get deathly bored without my internet here.
Hey man, keep in touch when you get back. Haven't seen you online in a while. Good luck and hopefully things turn out for the best.
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I've just been on my other name, I'll be sure to tell you it when you get back from away-mode on AIM.
Well, I could come get you from that hole and bring you down here...

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That would be awesome, but I'm probably gonna be starting work soon, and a 30 mile drive to Angel Fire everyday wouldn't be fun ;)
My phone went off a few days ago, and this is the first chance I got to get online (at the library), so if I vanish for weeks at a time, youŽll know why. IŽll be back when IŽm able. Bye, all.
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Dangnabbit. Come back soon!