What do you people think? I think it's pronounced "be-YOND" like the word "beyond" that already exists. However, I've heard several other people pronounce it "BUY-ond".
Let's hear some opinion!
I think it sounds more like beyond. It also makes me think occasionally that anything with "beyond" in it is spelt wrong.
Beyond, of course. It's not an unintentional similarity. =)
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Beyond! That is how I have always pronounced it, and I haven't actually heard it pronounced differently, ever!

I have always pronounced it as beyond, and I will always do too, it sounds better than buyond.

I have heard a few people say buyond, when I was in College, if you do a little searching on me, you will be certain to find some of my posts going on about when I was in College...

Although the only person who I heard pronounce it buyond all the time was a spanish student who was doing the same course as me, no matter how I told him to pronouce it like "beyond", he couldn't get his tongue around it, as he felt more comfortable pronouncing it as "buyond", so I left him to pronounce it as that :P

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Well, when i first found byond, i called it buyond, but that was just to hard, it was much easyer to say and easyer to remember as beyond.
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I've been pronouncing it BUY-ond all this time, I didn't think Dan and Tom were trying to relate to be-YOND. Well now I know.

I've always pronounced it beyond.
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Buy-Ond is what I called it forever and I knew most called it Be-Yond, and yes...thats an intentional similarity. All my friends in real life call it Buy-ond.

Its really up to you, all though I call it Buy-ond. I know BYOND represents Beyond. But it just gives me "da heebee geebees" when I hear Beyon as Byond.
It's "beyond", definitely. I have absolutely NO idea how ANYONE could EVER think it's pronounced "buy-ond". =P Makes it sound like some crass moneymaking* scheme.

I can remember at least two previous threads about how to pronounce BYOND, by the way... it's kinda annoying that it keeps getting posted again and again and again. =)

*I typed that word as "monkeymaking", before correcting it. =D
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I think the notion of pronouncing it as "buy-ond" comes from people thinking of the word "bionic" (buy-onic)... Whether or not that makes any sense, if it's the first word that pops into someone's mind when they're trying to make sense of "BYOND", that's what they'll pronounce it like...

But either way, we definitely don't need ny crass monkeymaking around
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SuperSaiyanGokuX wrote:
But either way, we definitely don't need ny crass monkeymaking around

Wow, it's the land of the tyops (gah! I meant typos =P) around here... =)

Your explanation makes sense, but I still think pronouncing it that way is silly. There should be a pronounciation section on the "What is BYOND?" page. =)