Err...that should be To: Crispy (I made a joke, didn't I, heh!)

Anyway...Crispy... I think you should come join the team... The game is called The Zerom Star its basicly a Non-BYOND version of The Trinity Star (Well in a way...its not a rip and its gonna be 3d and multiplayer when we have a working Polished Version)

Crispay join us...its different from your game because instead of flying around its an RPG based on three planets all in orbit of the Trinity Star...Players will be able to choose from any three of those planets.

Well I really hope you join the team as it looks like we're going for the long haul.

Polatrite, its not really going to be anything like your Trinity Star Series but thats just how the name was inspired.
If your not using his same idea, why use the same names?
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Kunark wrote:
If your not using his same idea, why use the same names?

You misunderstood me, I meant that "The Zerom Star" (Zerom was used in an older project--)

Zerom sounded bad so I added "The" and "Star" and so it became The Zerom Star...the name was inspired by The Trinity Star's name..
You could have emailed me, you know. It's not like I hide my email address or anything. =P And you're not supposed to use the forums for private communication. And you're lucky I even saw this thread. =)

But all that aside, I'd much prefer to work on my own project. That way I don't feel obliged to do any work on it when I don't want to, I don't have to rely on other people to do their work, and I have complete control over the outcome of the project. So thanks, but no thanks. =)