Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
New Game Mode: Battle Arena, and Free to play steam period!

First, let me explain the reasons of this update: Azusa still needed alot of Game Design reviews, and this update brought alot of game design change, again the main point is to keep players having fun, giving them reasons to play and things to do.
Going to explain first the Potential and Cosmo. Since the game was created it was designed to have two types of powers that would affect alot the combat, however they didn't have a name and now they do: Potential is the Power you obtain through Guardian/Reaper Armors, Relics, etc; Cosmo is your spiritual energy... It can increase during God Interactions and etc... In details Cosmo is known to be God's breath that was used to create the creatures in Azusa, every animal or anything have cosmo, and its known that if someone is able to control their cosmo energy it would be like having the energy of an entire galaxy in their hands. You can see your cosmo at your interface now, the red one is Potential, and the blue one is Cosmo;
Now players that aren't Guardians nor Reapers can be strong enough to fight them if they have higher Cosmo manipulation!
And thats what we have new: Cosmo Charge is a skill that everyone will start with, it have 3 diffrent phases, the first one as in the screen shot is someone that is just trying to reach their own cosmo, but fails to do anything with it; When you get 100 force/res you get to the second phase: Able to create a cosmo ball; This phase will allow you to learn Sixth Sense (the first Cosmo skill) And the third phase is when someone reaches a Elite-like level of status(3200 sum in all ur status) or Power(Around 25 Potential+(Cosmo/100)); While you charge your cosmo dust will spawn around you and you will be able to learn the Seventh Sense (I will explain the senses later here)
Charge Cosmo is also a training method to: Force, Resistance, Speed, Health.

Sixth Sense allows you to track people's cosmo, that orange arrow will show you the direction of the desired creature you are tracking. Seventh Sense will allow you to control your cosmo, and go past the 100; Now when you play through generations this will increase your next gen's Seventh Sense's limit, everyone starts with 200 then 300 and so on;
Azusa 3.0 also comes with a huge interface update, The draggable transparent windows was cool a nice, but it was reason for a great part of Azusa's lag, so we all prefer a stacked interface with less lag right? So I had to re-design every elements and fortunatelly add new ones: The Hotbars! Wee! Everyone wanted this right? It was a pain having to customize macros to the skills right? Now you won't need that, simply drag a skill from your skill window to the hotbar and press 1-9 to use them! Also people who had problems when playing Azusa before because of the windows can play now! And this new interface will be worked on to allow webclients in the future!

Now again for the Game Design changes, I noticed in the previous wipe that once people got back from their generation they instantly could become Guardian, and Guardians became somehow obsolete; So I decided to remove the option to become Guardian through RP Points, and now to become a Guardian players will have to go through Tournaments! (What? Where that idea came from?) Well let me explain, in the anime called Saint Seiya (the one Azusa was 40% based from) thats how they become "Guardians" winning tournaments... So, players when creating will have a reason to actually train, wellp: Get stronger to defeat the other non-guardians in the tournament to become a Guardian! The Tournament Cycle is this:
Lion, Penguin, Scorpion, Mantis, Galactic, SwordFish, Koala, Wolf
It takes 2 hours between each tournament, the Galactic one is a tournament for the players that are already Guardians, Reapers, Angels, Demons (Aka, everyone else) and in the Galactic tournament they fight for extra Roleplay Points.
So, basically to become Guardian you must be active and stronger person trying for that armor.
FAQ: 1- Inu What if I am the only person joining the tourney?
The tournament system is designed to fill the empty slots when theres atleast 1 player on the tournament with NPCs, those NPCs are a bit stronger then Bandits. So you won't insta win a tournament at level 1, you will need to play enough to atleast be able to defeat those weak NPCs.
2- Inu, I am too weak I don't want to join the tournament Because I know I will loose!
Thats not a good idea, even if you loose you will gain the minimum of 34 RP Points, (this is alot, old players knows how hard it is to gather some RPPs) Basically each fight on the tournament you participate you get +34 RPPs even if you lose it! So if you go to the second fight and loose there, you will gain 68 RPPs! Sweet right? Going to the Finals gives you a total of 102 RPPs, this is enough reasons to atleast try joining the tournament!
3- Inu, What if we have 8 weak players(lvl 10) and all of them join the tournament?
That means the stronger of the 8 players will become guardian, the NPCs are just created if there are empty slots!
4- Inu, is there any other way to become Guardian/Reaper beside tourneys?
Yes. This is a RPvP/E Game and if you can become Guardian at events!
5- How to become Reaper?
No change at how to become Reaper, you become one by killing alot of Demons having RPer tag, or RPing with the Death Lord! Or at events!

Now lets talk about the famous "Three Gates"; Before I go ahead on this one, I must explain: I got alot of players reports and ragequits because they died in a unfair situation, or ppl not being happy on how they died etc... So I decided to change Azusa from a perma death system to this new one; Now when you are killed you are sent to this Limbo, in this place there are 3 gates for you to choose, The first one is called Abysm gate, middle one is Obstinacy Gate, and last one is Termination Gate.
Abysm Gate: This one basically makes you accept that you died, you won't loose any status, just your armor and you will be sent to the Underworld, there you will be able to become a Reaper and come back as a villain!
Obstinacy Gate: This one means you will struggle to survive, but this is risky, trying to survive such situation will give you injuries (Aka you will loose status) Every time you try entering the Obstinacy gate you will loose 10% of all your status and have a 20% chance of failing, you can try again (at your own risk) to survive. Surviving will send you to your spawn point.
Termination Gate: To enter this gate you need atleast level 100, here you will be sent to the fire ocean/Heaven, its a permanent death that will allow you to play on your next generation (remember, next generation keeps all the RP Points every previous Generation had, gets your youth back, and gives +100 Cosmo when you learn your seventh Sense!)

There are more changes on Azusa v3, Now Cook class can Cook Meat into Roasted Meat; Builders instantly have all buildables unlocked however the Building levels will determine the quality of what you build and only Builders can Build, and to Build something its needed 5x more resources then before. Gathering resources changed, now its impossible to chop a tree with a single punch, the higher possible damage on tree is 50 when they have 300 health in average. Limit of Stones droppable in a single punch now is 50 aswell... Training system changed alot, and now working (gathering resources) gives the most Stamina gains, so its good to work a little at early game to keep training longer! Changed the quests order, and removed evil quests from lifetime, There is a brief explaining about Cosmo at the quests system!

Future references: In the next little updates I will make the Transformation skills, Transform will be learned when you have Seventh Sense mastered and reach certain reqs, there will be 4 levels of transformations. And the basic idea on transform is that someone get epic said cosmo control enough to fuse two opposing energy (Potential and Cosmo) one multiplying the other, reaching a really high level of opness... (surelly first transformation is weaker etc) and transformations are going to be the method to achieve the so known "Elitefied ordinary" armors

Also going to open a PVP server for Azusa too, so who don't like RPing can try the game without ruining everyone else's fun ;D So now we have a "Roleplay" and "PvP" server types

Update Log:
*Optimize (Another roll of changes that reduces lag)
*New Interface (Lighter one without transparent windows, but with hotspot for skills)
*Quests Reviews ( No more killing kittys for good ppls and More quests for Lifetime! And new Quest type: "Do this", previously we had "Kill this" and "Get that" quest types)
*Sixth Sense (Gathered with Cosmo Charge, allows you to track Cosmo)
*Seventh Sense (Allows you to control your Cosmo)
*Cosmo Charge and Potential ( Charging your Cosmo trains your spiritual force and resistence )
*Three Gates Limbo ( No more perma-death! )
*Tournaments (Fight to become Guardian, Get rewards even if you lose!)
*Building (New building system, now based more on resources then actual Building Level, BL now affects the quality more!)
*Roasted Meat (New food type that will make you want to be a cook!)
*Balanced Skills and Gains
Awesome update, awesome content.