I'd like to find an editor that allows you to open up wav files and modify them, adding effects or changing the wavs themselves in such ways as increasing/decreasing volume, speed, reversing and such, but on a finer scale than the built in Sound Recorder utility that windows comes with. Any other nifty special effects would be good too, and it must be free. Does anyone have any recommendations?
Hunt down "gold wave". Its excellent, in my not so humble opinion.
Anvil Studio is the only one Ive found. Its not great or anything, but its something.
On a side note I wish they would add a Sound Studio to DreamMaker. Just a little keyboard with a few options would rule. Oh well, maybe someone will release a made for BYOND music program (Like DMIFonts) someday.
I could program something much like this in Visual Basic...
Audacity is pretty good.
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Yep, GoldWave is what I use and I'm quite happy with it.