The Dying Breed

by Mr. RJT
The Dying Breed
Open world multiplayer zombie survival

Poll: Should Breed be round-based with occupations?

Yes! 31% (5)
No! 68% (11)

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Former Occupations

I love programming. I love working on The Dying Breed. I love testing the game and getting feedback!

I currently have a list of future features for TDB. Thanks goes out to Maximus_Alex2003 for many of the items on that list. I have also included a poll above for a proposed feature: Occupations.

At the moment, you are tossed into TDBs world at a random, safe, location. When you come across a human the first instinct is to attack. They may be bandits, they may not... but why find out?

I feel that having rounds would be beneficial to the game. At the start of each round a player can select a occupation their character had before the outbreak. Each occupation has it's pros and cons:

* Nurse - Has items that prevent bleeding, infections, death, etc. But they do not have guns to start off with. They also can effectively use the medical tools to make your stat(s) increase substantially more than, lets say, a Survival Expert could.
* Police Officer - Has the typical gear an officer may have. But that gear can weigh them down.

The players will start off in a small town and then must decide what their goal is. Should we scavenge for food in the forest? Should the stronger ones break off into their own groups and steal? Should we go Rambo into the other towns and come back with supplies for survival?

I personally feel that this would help promote team work. But I want to hear your opinion!

Is there a future?

There is no one on this site, that I know, who knows me personally. So here is the scope: My girlfriend will be giving birth to our first child within a month or so. Therefore, I am trying to program as much as I can before I leave.

* I have an idea of what the new player graphics should look like. I'd really love to add them now but it would take too long to draw all of the possible states and then the new loot graphics.

* If the occupation idea is a go, then I'll try to get that released this weekend.

* More importantly, I want this game to be solid with no bugs. I might have fixed the "current weapon stopped working" bug. Unfortunately, it is difficult to test as it usually does not appear until 30 minutes into testing.

* 24/7 hosting - I'll look into a hosting company once I get everything fixed. I feel that the multiplayer experience is a lot of fun.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy playing and I apologize for there not being a physical game update this post. I'll try to make up for it by hosting for the rest of the day within an hour or two.

p.s. Thanks goes out to all of those who have provide me, and this project, with such kind words through private messages. I cannot say thank you enough and how much it means to me. I also appreciate those who offer their help as well. Everybody is so nice here!
If you're wanting to get some ideas, Project Zomboid is a pretty neat game :)
luv u bby