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Point taken.
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Camaro wrote:
Hire = being payed.
Otherwise it'd be volunteering.

If you say that they are volunteering then it gives the impression that Dantom needs reviewers and anyone that wants to be one will become one just wanting to be one. Even though I think the process is just as simple as just asking, I don't think they'd allow just anyone. It would probably be better to say that they are appointed, or selected, rather than volunteering.

As for the situation with crappy games in the hub, they could change the channel system a little. Basically, add another level above Unpublished Games. That channel would be the games that are good enough to not be called "total crap", but still need work before getting into one of the current BYOND channels. Of course, they'd need a more dedicated* reviewer staff and larger too. Games would still have to submit for review to get into a BYOND channel. All games would be put into Unpublished Games, but to get to the new category, I think it might work better to have them not require a request for reviewal.

Its probably not as bad as it sounds, as the reviewing process to get out of Unpublished Games would not be as thorough as to get into BYOND.Games. Just a simple check to make sure that the game is appropriate and has some content to it.

* I don't hold their laziness against them, but their fairness and intelligence are fair game.
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Don't reply to something just because they somewhat misused a word.
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I try to be as fair as possible, and I know all of the other reviewers do as well. The hardest thing about reviewing, for me, is rejecting something that's complete crap but still being constructive. I took about two hours just reviewing four games, yesterday. If I'd let myself just reject them outright with a short note saying "this has been rejected, don't bother resubmitting it", then it would have taken about 10 minutes. =P
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