--Hello one and all. I learned how to program in Visual Basic 6.0. I am very happy I have enterprise edition =D. I am currently working on a Game called Zerom.

--Zerom is a 'SPACEISH' game. It is coming along interestingly and I need a development team for a few reasons. Not becasue coding help needed ATM but other reasons.

Team Openings(will be edited as spaces are taken)


Requirements --

1. Must have proficient knowledge of Visual Basic 6.0 language.

2. Must be willing to commit for atleast 3 hours a week.


GUI Creation
Animation Specialist
Object Coder

==GFX Creator==

Requirements --

1. Must have image editing program better than 'Microsoft Paint'/'Standard Bitmap Image Editor'

2. Must have proficient skills and knowledge in the area of overall graphics creation and pixel placement.

3. Must be willing to commit atleast 30 minutes everyday.


Graphical Image Creationist
Icon Creator

==SoundFX Tuner==

Requirements --

1. Must have some sort of knowledge in editing/creating/storing/finding sounds.

2. Must have program for editing/altering/tuning/listening to sounds.

3. Must have good hearing(Duh! XD)


Speech Tuner
Sound Maker
S2I associater (S2I == Sound 2 Image)
Overall Sound Checker/Finder

Send all applications to [email protected]

Make sure you mention which Dept and what class you're signing up for.

I want to see many applications!
I can program in VB, but I have WAY too much on my plate at the moment. (I need two hands to count all of the major projects that I have to complete in my spare time, some of them with due dates. Note that these are just things I'm doing in my spare time because I want to, not school projects or anything.)

What's the game about? One of my projects at the moment is a 2D scrolling multiplayer space shooter, similar in some ways to Asteroids (but much more complex, and with multiplayer as its main focus). I'm making it in Delphi, which I VASTLY prefer to VB. If I can get a copy of Kylix I could even port it to Linux, eventually. Yay! =)

Anyway, I'm hoping your game isn't too similar to mine, or we might have a competition on our hands. Crispy and his head start, versus ManDroid13 and his band of recruited designers! Who will win?! =P
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