Dragon Extreme Multiverse

by Mydyingdream
Verb PVP, Roleplaying.
Go get super Sandwich God! 24-7 Hosting.

Server is up right now, 2015, july24 and onward forever!

Become a God at 1 trillion BP
Super God at 1 Quadrillion.
Ultimate Super God Super God at 1 Sextillion.

Server link:
Server was lagging alot, then saved... and crashed. Please try to get it back up.
when you die when your dead you reincarnate -__- bullshit
Nerf SSJG(SSJ3) its op, me as a majin can only hit 233trillion with mystic and trans buff.
That guest is one abusive motherfucker.

Gayest admin ever, even exgens is better fucking dumbass telling me majins can train click the training verb.