Interface Input

by Lavenblade
Create interface based input controls with ease.
I recently came across some old code of mine and thought I'd share it with the community. There isn't much code commenting going on, but shouldn't be too hard to follow regardless. I haven't really had much time to test it either, but it should work well out of the box.

I'll be adding onto this in the future and will update the hub later. Some documentation is inside as well.
+1 Fan, really nice work Lavenblade, I shall look foward to this be updated in the future. Also,would enjoy code comments if possible xD.

Keep it up.
Thanks, and I'm sorry about the comenting. I'm really bad about doing that.

Basically, over time I'm trying to produce modules that I can plug and play with most of my future projects to decrease the amount of work required starting a new project.

This will be updated in the future as well, I just have a lot of things I'm trying to get done at once.
Sounds great,I look forward to more of your content. And can't wait for this to be updated.