It may have taken more than half a year for it to happen, but the unnamed TBS game now has a name, and it's staying for good. The new name for the game is Ultimatum.

I decided on the name Ultimatum during a History lesson at school, when we were talking about World War 1. The name suits the game, so it's here for the better.

On another note, Ultimatum will be hosted once a week during the weekends (Saturday nights) except for next week, when it will be at Sunday during 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern time. I've progressed much more when I had live feedback from the players, so even school won't slow development down. I've managed to get a good portion of the Elves units done, and they are now playable. I hope to see more people during thse weekend testing times, so be there!

As usual, Ultimatum will be hosted at this url: byond://
Meh, better then the names i suggested. Just doesn't sound as cool. Har har.
hmmm.. Im not sure, but is it hosted right now? If it is. Something isnt allowing me to enter.
Nope, it'll be hosted next weekend at Sunday, however.
Ultimatum - the threat to declare war, to take other military action or to impose sanctions such as trade restrictions or embargoes.

Or... a final, uncompromising demand or set of terms issued by a party to a dispute, the rejection of which may lead to a severance of relations or to the use of force.

Both are pretty much the same.

Does seem rather fitting to an extent. I could care less about a name, just get the game up more often!
Finally ya got a name for it UP >.> And a good one too <.<
Hey, UP; Here's a quicky banner and hub icon if you wantem.

I can't stand seeing such a good game naked in the HUB. It's so degrading.
Wow, those look pretty nice! I was planning on doing hub icons, but I never got around to doing it, and my pixel art skills tend to fade down when I'm not doing it in the DMI editor. ;) On the other hand, the small hub icon would look pretty nice if there was a sword in the background, and if the banner didn't look squigly on the outside border. <_<
Well, like i said. It was a quicky. Was seeing what games to add to my favorites. But then decided not to. Then i realized your game had no banner or hub icon, so i thought i'd take a few minutes to make you one.

I'll make another one right now, tell me what you think when i finish it.

[And my god, are you a mind reader? I was seriously going to put a sword in there. It woulda fit the whole scheme.]

And the original banner didn't have the squiggy, as much. I had to kind of confine the border as it was going out of the space.
[Edit: I made a second choice for a HUB icon- one with a U on top of the blades. I don't know if they go well together, but it's your choice]

Ok, heres an update with some actually planned-out banner and HUB icon.

Hope i lived up to expectations, and that you like them better then the other two. Don't mind the borders- i'm trying to practice with them in every thing i do now. I didn't used to; trying to get better.

I had difficulty finding words to use, or letters. I didn't want to do anything to the HUB because it looked fine with the swords- Identifiable and possibly attractive to bring in some players. But whatever, you have two choices.

As for the banner, it has the name on it. I was thinking for like 20 minutes where to place it. Seriously, i was just moving it pixel by pixel for 20 minutes straight trying to find a perfect spot. It had a few other words like "Fight to Win" "Fight for Honor" but decided they took up too much space, and drew focus away from the title. So i stuck with the basics. Sometimes simple is better.


It'd make my week if you'd usem =)

Also, if you want anything changed. Ask.

Wow, Karnlor there something Good. Nice going.
Wow, those look very nice! I think I'll use them! Thanks for taking your time to do these. :)
Hope they're useful. And no problem.
cant wait for the game to be back up i want get better it is reminding me of WC:III without the comp rushing you after a min.
Can't wait till its hosted today.
I used to play a web game called Ultimatum. I think it was with splatty and a few others.