by RareScar
Just a really simple application to chat, send files and share pictures.
This utility chat was actually hidden for a long time because I only found purpose for it inside a small circle of friends. Now, with the new version, I'm sharing Imachat with many others who are still interested in a chatting "app". My friend, Tera, was the one who suggested and redid all the programming so I'm thanking her for updating Imachat and I bet that the small group of people who uses this will as well.

What does Imachat has that other chat "apps" don't?
Actually, it's a pretty simple system; you chat, you show pictures to others, you play sounds/music, send files, etc. As a small and cool feature, you are able to change the background color to a preset of 25 different ones. So, it isn't that different than other chat systems around.

For those who want to use it go ahead, download it and use it. For those who will not and doesn't care well, screw it, heh. Anywho, too much blahblahblah here so I present to you, Imachat.

PS: I was pushed to do this post, and no, I wasn't threatened.
One of these days I'll get around to finishing Babble.