On the Games Live! page, BYOND.Raw has been renamed to BYOND.Unpublished Games, and yet it's still BYOND.Raw in the drop-down menu. CONFOOZLENESS!
Quiet, you!

Actually, that was done in preparation for the website upgrade, Coming Soon(tm). Look for an announcement early next week or so.
In response to Air Mapster
So... if I send Dan, Tom, and you back 7 days into the past, and force you to work, it'll be out today?

*Readies his time machine, rope, baseball bat, and rubber chicken*
In response to Garthor
Oh, it's out already. I just forgot to remove this little snippet of code:
if (!strcmp(acct.key_name,"Garthor")) {

I'm having some trouble getting it to work without that code. I need to figure out what's going wrong...
In response to Air Mapster
*Logs in with other key*

Wait a minute, I thought you said it would have a mauve and neon green color scheme? YOU LIAR!