Hi yall, I've just started to get into pixel art and decided to do a tree. From what I have read up on, trees are one of the harder aspects of pixel art. Well, I figured I would give it a shot in the dark. Spent about 1hr on this piece, please let me know if my color choice is off, the light source needs work, anything! I'd love your feedback and if you could help improve it to make it look less illustrated, if that makes sense. Thanks.

A nice first effort, I can see you've put effort into it. You could try and get a bit more definition on the trunk of the tree, it looks kind of plastic currently, tree trunks have contours you should try and make this apparent. As for the foliage part, it looks a bit noisy, there doesn't seem to be any shaping. Trees tend to have bunches of leaves that create shadows over each other. Finally your light source could use exaggerating a bit, I think the bottom of the leaves maybe just needs to be darker. I'm not the best artist around here but that is my opinion.
Ok, thanks for your input @GreatFisher. I think I got the trunk to look a little bit less like plastic. On the noise issue, I think I got it to look a little better, but if you know of any other suggestions to this update image, let me know. I also worked on the trunk of the tree a little bit to give it a better look. I struggled with making the light source look good. Any pointers?