Age of Magic - Fairy Wars

by Zagros5000
Age of Magic - Fairy Wars
Coming this soon.
Fully transitioned into a pixel based game, much thanks to Avid and Ter's advice/help.
Rough list of updates:
Combat and stat system revamping:
-new "passive" stat: dodge and accuracy
-Strength no longer increases health
-Speed now effects max damage significantly less (40%) but now increases the new stat critical_rate, soft capping at 30 hard capping at 60 through a trainable passive, also increases dodge rate capping at 30.
-Speed now has a bigger impact on attack speed, movement speed, and run speed
-Dexterity now effects max magic damage significantly less (40%) but also increases crit/dodge rates much like speed - also slightly increases max mana pool
-Intellect no longer increases max mana
-Stamina now has a slightly bigger impact on max health and mana
-Chance of critically striking enemy based on crit rate - increases damage by 50%
-Hitting an enemy in the back does 25% extra damage - critically -hitting an enemy in the back does an extra 100%
-Chance to dodge projectiles and other forms of damage based on your dodge level and opponents accuracy level -- successful dodges have a chance of increasing dodge passive. Dodging is only possible if there the damaged is not surrounded by density

-Heavy punching a physical based projectile now reduces damage based off users max strength and the casters max strength*projectile damage mod - if damage is fully negated the projectile bounces in a random direction excluding the users and casters.
The same applies to magically striking a magic power based projectile on impact -- magically striking a physical based projectile nulls this system and vice versa
-Clash system: punching/kicking at the same time as your opponent causes a clash- whoever has higher strength- or magic power if both users have magic strike activated - wins and takes no damage, loser gets pushed back roughly 2 tiles
New Mage Class progress log
Spent a majority of my time redoing skills and skill learning system:
-Finished fire dragon master with 7 passives
-Holy sage revamped passives in work
-Water mage re added - small hold up on the art- passives in work
-Battle Mage(Erza) re added with 4 armors (heavens wheel armor, gigante armor ,adamantine -armor, and Japanese clothe fairy sword) - passives in work
-Time mage/Dark Mage/Giant/Beast Man/Celestial mage in planning still

-You now pick from four starting classes: Holy sage, Dragon Slayer , Battle Mage(erza), and Celestial Magic
-Players can now learn all types of magic, however, they are limited when it comes to learning all but one of the starting classes - still incomplete on the drawbacks
-Learning skills not part of your mage classes now require experience based on the level of skill being learned.
-30 new alchemy ingredient additions: added new kinds of armor only obtainable through alchemy
-Can no longer spam potions - drinking more than 3 potions within 70seconds causes potion intoxication for one minute - attempting to drink potions while intoxicated causes the drinker to lose health/mana instead of gain
-Replaced in game HUD
-Increased efficiency of game, so far no noticeable causes of lag
-Can now pay a sailor near main town - allows for travel to Khione(a snow village).
-Started writing and gathering art for story based game play, will most likely follow certain fairy tails;) and a bit of mythology.
Player Quest Request system:
Players can now create requests and set rewards for said quests allowing other players to take and complete: rewards so far are limited to experience and ingame currency - will be expanded later to involve all items and equipment.
Requests are currently limited to item retrievals/gathering, and player/NPC bounties
To Come
-New guild systems so far including: raids, guild vs guild events, and in guild teams
-Host and test
Give me AoM.
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stahp pressuring me
Amazing update Zagros!
I agree keep up the good work!
I wanna be laxus... and good job zagros ^_^
I think this is probably your best game. Anyway, Hurry up with the beta testing.
so uh satan soul tho??
i just want my lighting dragon slyer and devil slayer but these updates are nice cant wait till game goes up
Epic update log is Epic.
Leveled up into training update log.
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lol the quest request system courtesy of you
zagros, how is it so far, almost done?
So umm... Showdow Dragon slayer tho???
There will only be fire and lighting dragon slayers for a while - different elements will come in later updates
Yo, zagros, was wondering if u have skype so we can talk about this and be pals lol :D
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Dog187 wrote:
I think this is probably your best game. Anyway, Hurry up with the beta testing.

I agree, beta us.
so satan soul kappa?